2023 04 05 - Using ChatGPT in gerontological research
Using ChatGPT in gerontological research, policy, and our daily
work practices: an interactive discussion forum for AAG members.

This online event discussed the AI technology ChatGPT, and its potential applications in gerontological research, policy, and our daily work practices. Whether you are new to the technology or are an experienced user, this webinar provided a space to share experiences, discuss learnings and brainstorm potential uses - and collaboratively reflect on the process, politics, and implications.

Event ref: https://aag.asn.au/EventDetail?EventKey=WEB230405
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Led by: Prof Evonne Miller- Director of the QUT Design Lab and 2023 AAG Conference Chair; Dr Gail Kennings- Researcher, Uni of NSW; Mark Silver MSW - Swinburne Uni Wellbeing Clinic for Older Adults; Dr Ellie Meissner - Registered psychologist

Wednesday, 05 April 2023
Duration: 49 Minutes