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The Queensland Division of the AAG brings together a broad range of people with an interest in ageing and provides opportunities to network and discuss the latest news in gerontology through regular seminars and events. 

The Queensland Division also collaborates with other organisations across the State to support networking and knowledge building. The Division has an active student and early career group which holds its own events as well as participating in broader State activities.

Division Chair

Professor Lynne Parkinson has been a member of AAG for 15 years, is an AAG Fellow, and Editor in Chief of Australasian Journal on Ageing. She is a population health gerontologist focused on chronic disease; and optimising aged care practice, and regional health care delivery.  She is a Professorial Research Fellow at Central Queensland University, based in Rockhampton.


Vice Chair

Dr Katrina Radford (BPsych (hons), MHRM, PhD, GradCertHighEdu) is a lecturer at Griffith University. My primary area of research is ‘managing the health care workforce to ensure there is always someone to care for you when you need it the most’. My current program of work looks at career management, change management, and retention and turnover of this workforce.



Professor Linda Rosenman has been a member of AAG for 25 years. She has recently retired after an academic and senior management career at University of Queensland where she is professor emeritus, Victoria University Melbourne and Charles Darwin University where she is a professorial research fellow. Her research focuses upon superannuation and retirement incomes, financial elder abuse and intergenerational transfers of care and wealth.



A/Prof Joyce Hendricks

Student & Early Career Group Representative

Gillian Stockwell-Smith is an early career researcher with extensive experience as a Registered Nurse in aged and dementia care in a wide range of care settings. Her research focuses in on relationship centered care and identifying and responding to aged care practice issues in hospital, residential and community settings. She represents Early Career Researchers and students in gerontology.


Committee Members

Dr Andrea Petriwskyj (Board nominee) is a research fellow at The University of Queensland. Her research focuses on engagement and participation, with a particular focus on diversity and inclusion, conducted across the contexts of local government and communities, disability services, aged care, and membership organisations. She has served on the Queensland Division Committee since 2007. She brings to the board a critical socio-political perspective and expertise in practice-and-policy focused research.



Dr Laurie Grealish is Associate Professor of sub acute and aged nursing in a research intensive, joint position between Griffith University and Gold Coast Health. Grealish is undertaking research in the areas of hospitalised older people with cognitive impairment, end-of-life care, and work-based learning. In 2016, Grealish was appointed as an NHMRC Translating Research into Practice (TRIP) Fellow (2016-17).


Lesley English has a background in physiotherapy in both public and private sectors and currently work in public health management She has a Masters Degree in Gerontology and is a sessional staff member of Charles Sturt University Gerontology program. She is keen to promote gerontology in the Gold Coast region

The Committee expresses its gratitude to retiring members-Nancy Low Choy and James Cook both of whom served as president and to Paul Jabarj, Ben Fox and Ellen Meissner all of whom made a significant contribution to the Queensland branch over several years.

Jan 2017

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