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The Northern Territory Division of the AAG was formed in November 2010, following a very successful AAG Northern Territory Conference that year. Formation of the Division meets a longstanding need to bring together diverse players to assist in raising awareness of ageing and aged care service delivery challenges specific to regional, rural and remote areas in the Northern Territory. Although Northern Territory is still relatively small in comparison to other States and Territories, membership is very diverse representing our unique and exciting seniors and aged care and sectors in the Northern Territory. Members are mainly based in Darwin and Alice Springs, although some members are based in more remote locations. The Executive Committee meets regularly to plan and arrange educational and other activities for members, including publication of a regular newsletter.

Division Chair

Judy Ratajec




Pauline Howard




Mary Ingrames is the clinical nurse consultant for Geriatrics at Royal Darwin Hospital working as clinical nurse for GEM unit. She has worked for over 20 years in aged care in the NT in residential, community and subacute aged care areas across rural, remote and urban settings. Mary holds a Masters of mental health nursing (aged care). With special interest in behaviour management in dementia care and Indigenous aged care and has travelled extensively across NT with aged care work.



Events Coordinator

Aneeta Snow is a Psychogeriatric Clinical Nurse Consultant with the Northern Territory Top End Health Service. She has worked for many years in the residential and community aged care sectors. She has a special interest in cognitive assessment and dementia, and the importance of Advanced Personal Planning. Aneeta has post graduate qualifications in mental health and chronic disease. She is also a member of the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses.



Board Nominee

Annie Farthing has lived and worked in Central Australia since 1992, having moved here to work as a physiotherapist at the Community Health Centre. Since then, she has worked primarily with Indigenous people from Alice Springs and surrounding remote Indigenous communities with a focus on Aged and Disability services, more recently spending 5 years at a consulting therapist at a residential aged care facility for Indigenous Central Australians. She is currently working part time as an academic at the Centre for Remote Health and as a service provider for the Transitional Care Program. Annie has post graduate qualifications in Aboriginal Studies, as well as graduating from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. She is an active member of Services for Australian Rural and Remote Health (SARRAH) which aims to represent the needs of Allied health professionals in the bush. Annie is also a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) and the AAG, having really enjoyed the experience of being on the committee for the conference in Alice Springs.

Committee Members

Janice Diamond




Deborah Roe




Kaylene Hinchcliffe




Stephanie Charlesworth




Melanie Wan Man Chin




ILonka Guse-Brennfleck During her early career as teacher and lecturer in the education sector ILonka worked with a diverse range of students in terms of age and culture. This exposure sparked an interest in researching a person’s psychological make up including the influence of developmental stages and personality composition. Her studies in psychology encompassed the concept of ‘successful ageing’, ‘cognitive decline and ‘lifelong learning’. She presented her work at national and international conferences on ageing. Further research in the field of social gerontology focussed on advocacy and Human Rights of older people and the role of the United Nation and WHO. Currently, ILonka is undertaking her PhD at Charles Darwin University investigating the effect of recent pension and superannuation policies on retirement decisions of older workers. ILonka has been a member of the AAG for the past ten years and is a committee member of the NT branch in Darwin. 


Denys Spencer




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The 2019 Scholarships and awards will be announced soon

Sponsorship to attend AAG Conference or IAGG Conference  (or related) event

The AAG NT Division offers financial assistance to one member each year to attend an AAG or IAGG event. Sponsorship of $500 is available to assist members with the costs associated with attending an event, including registration and travel.

Conditions of Assistance:

If you would like to put yourself forward for the funding, you need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Current membership of AAG (NT Division)
  • Unable to obtain sufficient funds from your own organisation or institution
  • Attendance at the event will assist in your own practice, research or community
  • have an abstract accepted (for student members only)
  • Must submit a short report for inclusion in the NT AAG newsletter

Please address the above criteria in a brief letter and describe the event that you wish to attend. Applications are to be forwarded by  to:

Judy Ratajec
AAG NT Division Membership Officer by:

The successful applicant will be notified within 1 week of the closing date.

The 2019 Award details will be made available soon


Outstanding Contribution to Gerontology in the Northern Territory


Nominations are invited from AAG members, members of the public and the aged care sector to recognise an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to gerontology in the Northern Territory. Examples of criteria for nomination include:

  • Sustained and significant contribution to the study of ageing and/or aged care in the Northern Territory
  • Outstanding contribution in the practice of aged care (roles can include coordination, managerial, training and caring)
  • Significant contribution to quality aged care service provision and advocacy
  • Enhancing understanding of the particular needs of older people in the NT (for example Indigenous, rural and remote, ethnic groups)
  • Significant contribution to a positive public perception of ageing in the NT

The award winner will receive a certificate, complimentary membership of AAG for the following year, and a cash prize of $500.


All nominations require a Nominator and a Seconder

Please email your completed Nomination Form to Judy Ratajec by:

Email: judy.ratajec@nt.gov.au

or Fax: 08 8922 7216

Closing date for nominations is 

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