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11 Mar 20

LGBTI inclusive aged care: practice knowledge from the USA


On 11 March 2020, The AAG LGBTI Special Interest Group (LGBTI SIG) and Vic Division hosted International speaker, Tim R Johnston from SAGE USA on LGBTI-inclusive aged care.  SAGE was founded in 1978 and is the USA’s oldest and largest organisation dedicated to improving the lives of older LGBTI people. There are currently 3 million older LGBTI people in the USA and this is expected to grow to 7 million over the next decade.

Tim is the Senior Director of National Projects at SAGE where he is responsible for overseeing the SAGECare cultural competency program, the National Resource Centre on LGBT Ageing, key aspects of SAGE’s housing initiative, SAGE’s diversity and equity initiative and national partnerships with other advocacy organisations.  He has just published a book called ‘Welcoming LGBTI Residents: A Practical Guide for Senior Living Staff,’ which is the first comprehensive book on how to create a positive and safer experience for LGBT older adults in senior living settings.

Tim Johnston’s presentation covered:

  • An overview of work on LGBT ageing in the USA, including:
    • common concerns
    • successes
    • major projects
    • housing summit
    • emerging trends
    • political priorities.
  • An overview of his upcoming book, which covers subjects such as:
    • intake
    • sexuality
    • gender identity
    • bullying
    • dementia
    • LGBTI -inclusive programming.

The event was well attended with positive feedback all around with great interaction throughout the presentation identifying similarities and differences between Australian and the USA.  Thank you to our speaker and partners – Ageing with Pride, Val’s LGBTI Ageing and Aged Care and LaTrobe University.

The session was recorded and will be made available to AAG members by clicking here.

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