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09 Oct 18

LGBTI Elders: In Their Own Words

LGBTI Elders: In Their Own Words

Report on a workshop held in Perth on 7 November 2017

Presented by June Lowe, GRAI (GLBTI Rights in Ageing Inc) with support from Dr Catherine Barrett, Alice’s Garage

Hosted by the AAG LGBTI Ageing Special Interest Group

This report summarises the proceedings and outcomes of the AAG workshop on LGBTI Elders: In Their Own Words held on 7 November 2017 in Perth. The workshop aimed to give participants unique insights into the social histories of LGBTI elders, building empathy and motivation to foster inclusivity within their own workplaces.

The workshop began with an introduction to give context, followed by individual presentations from the panel of five LGBTI elders (whose stories and insights are summarised in the report). Participants then broke up into smaller groups for facilitated ‘table-top discussions’ guided by a case study. The participants’ reflections are detailed in the report. 

In summary, participants called for education for aged care staff and other residents, and the development of good policies and procedures to create a safe and inclusive environment for older LGBTI people. The workshop also recommended resourcing and better links between aged care providers and LGBTI services to support older LGBTI people. While there were differing views about the desirability of LGBTI-specific aged care services, there was clear consensus about the need to include LGBTI Elders in the design of aged care services. 

In response to this report, AAG affirmed it believes that older LGBTI people should experience a high-quality aged care system that ensures equitable access and outcomes and embraces their diverse characteristics and life experiences. AAG resolves to continue to work collaboratively with LGBTI elders, our partners and stakeholders to advocate for and support this objective.

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