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17 Jan 17

Ken Wyatt appointed Minister for Aged Care in cabinet reshuffle

Ken Wyatt becomes the first Indigenous person to be appointed a Commonwealth minister.

Mr Hunt moves to health and sport from the industry, innovation and science portfolio. He was previously environment minister.

He takes over from Sussan Ley, who resigned as the senior health minister on Friday after becoming embroiled in an expenses controversy (read more of the story here).

As the senior minister Mr Hunt will represent aged care in the cabinet, Mr Turnbull confirmed.

Mr Wyatt’s extensive knowledge working in health services, and as the assistant minister handling aged care issues, meant he was well placed to assume the role of Minister for Aged Care, Mr Turnbull said.

Senator Arthur Sinodinosis, who had been acting health minister since Ms Ley stood aside last Monday over the expenses controversy, takes over Mr Hunt’s role as industry minister.

Mr Wyatt, who was elected to the House of Representatives in 2010, said he was honoured to serve as minister in the portfolio of aged care and indigenous health and said consultation with the sector would be a cornerstone of his tenure.

“I am thrilled that the importance of aged care has been recognised by the Prime Minister having been elevated to its own ministry,” he said on Wednesday.

“Aged Care is a partnership between the consumer, their carers, the providers, the policy makers, the government and the wider community and I look forward to be able to take on this new and crucial role in that partnership.”

He said consultation with the sector had been a key feature of recent aged care reforms and he would ensure it would continue to be a “cornerstone for initiatives in this area.”

by Darragh O'Keeffe AAA


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