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15 Mar 21

Climate and Health in Canberra: Joint health sector advocacy event by Climate and Health Alliance

AAG is a member of the Climate and Health Alliance. This week James Beckford Saunders, AAG CEO, joined 30 plus trusted health leaders who went in front of Federal MPs and Senators to discuss how climate change is a health emergency -- and how climate action is good for health.  

The lobbying aimed to seek their support for the development of a National strategy on climate health and wellbeing, as well as further recommendations from the Healthy, Regenerative and Just policy agenda.

AAG is working with ILC UK on a project related to climate change and ageing.

Pictured: James Beckford Saunders and co with Helen Haines Independent Federal MP for Indi


Climate and Health Alliance (CAHA) and the National strategy on climate health and wellbeing

RN Big Ideas at the 2020 AAG Conference, 'Covid, climate change, and older Australians' edition of Big Ideas, panellists included Fiona Armstrong, CEO of CAHA

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