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09 Dec 21

AAG engaged in climate change at COP 26

AAG engaged in climate change at COP 26


On 9 December 2021, Design Age Institute brought together a panel of experts to explore the connections between the mega trends of global heating and a rapidly ageing population, as well as to dispel some of the pervasive myths around generational division around the climate crisis. During this Tonye Segbedzi, AAG Senior Policy Officer, presented on the preliminary learnings from a Rapid Evidence Assessment on heatwaves and older people in Australia. 

The session called ‘Designing for Your Future Self:  No Time to Waste’ took place at the Design Museum as part of the UK Design Council's 'Design for Planet' festival during COP26 with contributors including:  

~ Colum Lowe, Design Age Institute Director

~ Sophia Dimitriadis, Research fellow at the International Longevity Centre UK

~ Shravan Joshi MBE, elected Member of the City of London Corporation and chair of the Continuum think tank focused on sustainability bringing together policy makers, financiers and technology providers.

~ Bobby Duffy, Professor of Public Policy and Director of the Policy Institute at King’s College London and author of the recently published Generations: Does when you are born shape who you are?

~ George Lee, Co-Founder of This Age Thing

The session drew on a range of research and evidence of the increasing links between these two issues, including insights from AAG's review on heatwaves on ageing populations. 

AAG has been working with the International Longevity Centre – UK (Sophia presented at the event) to ensure that longevity and healthy ageing are considered within current and future climate change policy. We have focused on influencing policy at a national level in the UK and Australia, whilst this event during COP26 was our first joint initiative at an international level.  In 2019 AAG hosted ILC Global Alliance Workshop in Sydney and Radio National Big Ideas broadcast included focus on climate change & ageing.  AAG is a member of CAHA (Climate and Health Alliance).

Full recording of the Design Museum’s session available at


Video of preliminary finding of the Rapid Evidence Assessment on heatwaves and older people in Australia

Recording of 2020 Radio National Big Ideas ‘Covid, climate and older Australian’s’ at the 53rd AAG Conference


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