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The AAG Student and Early Career Group (SECG) provides a forum for clinical, research and professional student and early career group members to share their research and work experiences. The SECG’s official blog is an open forum, managed by the SECG Communications group.

SECG Blog - Getting around when driving is no longer an option - Nathan D’Cunha, Stephanie Mulhall & Theresa Scott

SECG Blog - How to communicate through video - Dr David Betts & Danielle Cave

SECG Blog - The art of remembering - Nathan D'Cuhna

SECG Blog - Social isolation and loneliness in a global pandemic - Dr Jennifer Baldwin

SECG Blog - Disruptions to study - What you can do when COVID-19 disrupts your degree - Danielle Cave

SECG Blog - The influence of transitions on health and wellbeing - Dr Meg Polacsek

SECG Blog - Is ageing research ageist? - Janet Maccora

SECG Blog - Grants, awards..... and ABBA - Dr Samantha Fein

SECG Blog - Getting Funding for Research - Dr Nanda Gopal, AAG SECG

To Pay or not to pay.... that is the question, Dr Meg Polacsek

What’s in a name? Is ‘looking after myself’ the same as ‘self-management’, Meg Polacsek

Managing issues around authorship and author order, Meg Polacsek

The post-PhD job search: Where to start, Dr Lindsey Brett

A focus on social participation of community aged care clients, Dr Lindsey Brett et al

My PhD journey - by National SECG President, Constance Kourbelis

SECG Researchers take centre stage at SAGe 2017

Dr Ashleigh Smith sharing her research on Channel 9 about using affordable high-tech in preventing dementia

SECG Member - Dr Ashleigh Smith, My top 5 tips for anyone embarking on a journey into the unknown

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