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Unpacking reablement

AAG is playing a lead role in unpacking the different research and policy perspectives, through working towards a consistent and coherent framework for wellness and reablement. AAG has launched a range of six fact sheets and videos regarding terminology, current practices and case studies, international guidance documents and supporting evidence, all guided by a broad-based expert reference group. This program was funded by the Australian Government through the Dementia and Aged Care Services fund..

AAG has developed six fact sheets with the support of the Expert Reference Group for the AAG Reablement Project 2017-20. See below for more information on the Expert Reference Group.

Fact Sheets

AAG Fact Sheet 1: Definitions of key aged care terms and acronyms used by the Australian Government

AAG Fact Sheet 2: Australian approaches to reablement in the Home Support and Care Program

AAG Fact Sheet 3: Australian approaches to reablement in residential aged care in Australia

AAG Fact Sheet 4: List of published evidence on reablement approaches

AAG Fact Sheet 5: Case studies exploring reablement approaches

AAG Fact Sheet 6: International guidance documents on reablement approaches.


AAG has also produced three videos featuring experts speaking about reablement. These can be viewed here

The Loddon Mallee Sector Development Team, Loddon Mallee & Hume Aboriginal Regional Network, VCAACD & Bendigo and District Aboriginal Cooperative have developed a video resource and supporting document to facilitate professional development/team discussions on wellness and reablement approaches in aged care. This Video Guide includes the link to the video resource and describes how it can be used to facilitate learning.

2018 AAG pre-conference workshop- Working towards evidenced-based reablement approaches across Aged Care services

AAG held a workshop on the topic of reablement in November 2018 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. The aim was to stimulate thinking about what reablement and wellness mean in aged care, and whether there are different training and resourcing requirements for short and longer-term reablement goals. The workshop showed that there is a lack of consistency and consensus about what reablement and wellness mean in the Australian aged care context, as well as a lack of consensus about how reablement approaches are delivered in practice. The report of the workshop is available here.

2017 AAG pre-conference CRC workshop on reablement

The first AAG activity exploring reablement was the 2017 AAG Collaborating Research Centres' (CRC) pre-conference workshop "Connecting research, policy and practice when adopting a reablement approach" held on 7 November at Crown Convention Centre Perth.

View the final report for the 2017 AAG CRC pre-conference workshop on reablement here.

Expert Reference Group

AAG is currently conducting a series of activities exploring the reablement, how it is currently being applied in aged care in Australia and how it can better be applied in the future. The Terms of Reference for the Expert Reference Group supporting this project can be found here.

If you would like to be involved, please contact Sandra South (Senior Policy and Research Officer) at

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