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Brochure: When Older People Feel Sad

“This AAG brochure on what to do when older people feel sad is an easy-to-read and concise resource that provides practical guidance and helps support workers navigate difficult conversations”, says AAG President Associate Professor Marguerite Bramble

AAG has released a new resource for aged care support workers on what to do when older people feel sad. The resource is quick and easy to read and provides examples of what support workers can do and say to support older people who feel sad.

This resource was developed for AAG by Dr Sarah Russell, Principal Researcher at Research Matters and an aged care and mental health advocate, in consultation with older people and aged care support workers.

There was a particular focus on getting the language and the tone of the brochure right. Health and aged care professionals and academic experts provided guidance to ensure that the content was appropriate and reflected the current evidence on older people’s mental health.

This brochure is part of a larger body of work at AAG focussing on mental health and wellbeing in older people.

Click here to view the brochure, or the media release.

AAG will consider requests to provide printed copies of the brochure to individuals and organisations- please email

Further resources to support the mental health of support workers can be accessed for free here.

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