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AAG Rapid Evidence Assessment LGBTI Ageing Research on Housing Needs and Preferences

This paper forms part of a larger LGBTI Elder Housing Project, led by Housing for the Aged Action Group (HAAG), in collaboration with a steering committee group of LGBTI organisations including AAG.

The aim was to develop recommendations for policy improvements based on:
- An analysis of available LGBTI ageing research on housing needs and preferences
- The identification of any key gaps in the evidence base.

In October 2019, AAG published a Scoping Review of LGBTI Ageing Research. This Rapid Evidence Assessment considered the 53 publications identified in the Scoping Review that explored the topic of housing. We excluded some publications for relevant reasons, then manually analysed the full text of the remaining 29 publications and synthesised the following information:
- Year of publication
- Region of publication
- Type of study
- Quality of evidence
- Sexualities, genders and intersex variations explored
- Housing topics explored
Key learnings
- Lack of availability of LGBTI housing
- Discrimination around housing
- LGBTI housing preferences
- Affordability of housing
- LGBTI housing needs
- Intersectional issues
- Gaps in the evidence base.

Based on the results and learnings, AAG makes 15 policy recommendations in this paper about housing for older LGBTI people in Australia.

The paper was launched online on 9 October 2020 for World Homelessness Day.

Click here to read the AAG paper.

Click here to watch the presentations at the launch event

Click here to read the HAAG paper

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