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This update from AAG provides an overview of current ways you can get involved in policy development to improve the experience of ageing- through both AAG and other organisations’ research and consultation processes.

It also includes resources you may find useful in your practice, policy-development and/or research that have been developed by other organisations and the Australian Government.

In August 2020, we launched the AAG Grey Literature Library where you can engage with relevant resources to improve the experience of ageing. At the same time we moved the monthly AAG Policy and Practice Update to an email format to allow access to new and existing resources in the AAG Grey Literature Library.

The AAG Policy and Practice Update is distributed to all AAG Members around the second week of each month; it changes to include material that we know is being released on a certain date. It's purpose is to keep you informed of new resources added to the library (including AAG work), as well as new opportunities to get involved with AAG and other organisations.

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To give you an idea of the benefits of membership we have made a sample copy of the Policy & Practice Update (January 2021) and 2018 Policy Team wrap up

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