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14th August 2019 - ACT

Forum: Promoting choices and building connection in older people’s intimate relationships

Despite evidence that intimacy plays a vital role in health, quality of life, and connection for older people, they are often not adequately supported to exercise choices and independence relating to intimacy.

Initiatives to promote intimacy or sexuality are often limited to (heterosexual) sex and miss broader opportunities to promote healthy intimate relationships. This event explores new ways for understanding and promoting intimacy for older people.

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21st June 2019 - SA Gerontology Conference 2019 Curious about issues related to ageing? Want to learn more about what’s happening in the ageing and aged care space in South Australia? Interested in hearing about innovations being rolled out in Adelaide and interstate? Connect with us!
Presented by the Australian Association of Gerontology SA Division, this conference brings together
a wide range of people with an interest in issues of ageing – service providers, health professionals,
policy makers, advocates, researchers, students, and older people themselves.
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15th March 2019 - Healthy Ageing - A Lifelong Process
Seminar (Hunter Chapter)
Healthy ageing covers a wide range of issues. This seminar offers new perspectives on
healthy ageing across the life course. Presentations will report findings from recent
Australian and UK research on healthy life expectancy and outline practical approaches
to encourage healthy ageing in late life, including community and residential care
settings and even at end of life. A panel of distinguished speakers will discuss concepts of autonomy and independence in healthy approaches to care.
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Click here to watch the 'Post PhD career opportunities' panel discussion from the 2019 VIC SECG Annual Forum event in Melbourne.

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