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Other organisations' COVID-19 publications of potential interest

The AAG staff decided at the beginning of the pandemic not to contribute to members' potential anxiety and "information overload" during the COVID-19 pandemic by forwarding on all information we received on COVID-19 from other organisations.

Instead, we decided to:
- Develop a database of grey literature resources (i.e. resources that exist outside the usual academic and commercial channels) related to COVID-19
- Incorporate a COVID-19 related activities or publications from other organisations that adopt an evidence-based approach in AAG's Thursday Three and/or via our News feed where relevant

Click here to browse resources related to COVID-19 and older people in AAG's Grey Literature Library

Articles about AAG member and collaborators' COVID-19 initiatives:

06 May 2020- Aged care visitor guidelines balance residents’ rights and coronavirus risk – but may be hard to implement - article in The Conversation by Prof Yun-Hee Jeon

30 April 2020- palliAGED Palliative Care and COVID-19 Hub- article in AAG Thursday Three

23 April 2020- Immunisation in partnership with ILC-UK- article in AAG Thursday Three

16 April 2020- Common Good frame - alternative to 'us vs them'- article in AAG Thursday Three

9 April 2020- Advance Care Planning – Background Paper- article in AAG Thursday Three

6 April 2020- Five things that will help fight the coronavirus- opinion from experts from the Sydney Policy Lab, University of Sydney

2 April 2020- Love Stories Campaign- article in AAG Thursday Three

26 March 2020- Kindness Pandemic - 360k members over a week- article in AAG Thursday Three

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