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AAG support Health Issues Centre work towards COVID-19 ethical framework

AAG encouraged members to participate in the Health Issues Centre (HIC) forum on Thursday th 2 April 2020 "COVID-19 Ethics Forum- "Who Decides Who Lives?". The forum aimed to explore the following:
- A group view as to whether or not a utilitarian approach to triage can be expanded to include social justice and health equity criteria.
- If so, key principles and considerations that should inform a guiding Statement of Principles.
- If not, does it mean social justice and equity considerations are irrelevant or are they applied only to end-of-life management principles?
- How should vulnerable communities be informed if this turns out to be the case?

174 people participated in the forum, including AAG staff and many AAG members. In addition, AAG member Professor Vasi Naganathan gave an insightful and well-received presentation.

Following the forum, HIC distributed a survey to participants asking them to state their agreement with the statements resulting from the break-out groups during the forum. The results of this survey and recommendaitons were then summarised in a final report.

You can read more about the forum and resulting report here on the HIC website
- The video of the plenary sessions, including Professor Vasi Naganathan's, is available here
- You can download the final report here

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