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The Australian Ageing Agenda

The Australian Ageing Agenda

In line with the purpose of the Australian Association of Gerontology, AAG partners with Australian Ageing Agenda, the authoritative bi-monthly publication for people who work in the aged care sector. It provides a broad range of news, education and opinions with an emphasis on connecting and sharing knowledge.

This partnership aims to increase the dialogue about ageing and aged care research in Australia and better communicate research outcomes and implications to people working in the industry. As part of the partnership all AAG members receive a copy of Australian Ageing Agenda.
If you would like to submit a piece or have any research or news of interest that you want shared with the aged services sector, please get in touch with AAA via or contacting Natasha Egan via email at or calling 02 8586 6132. Remember to mention that you are an AAG member!

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