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2015-11: NSW Inquiry into Elder Abuse

AAG Submission to Legislative Council Inquiry into Elder Abuse in New South Wales, November 2015

Submission prepared by the NSW Executive Committee in conjunction with the Elder Abuse Special Interest Group.

The submission discusses:

  • prevalence of abuse
  • forms of abuse and the most common relationships or settings in which abuse occurs
  • responses to elder abuse and availability of appropriate services
  • underlying ageism
  • data collection, research and evaluation.

In conclusion, the submission recommends that the NSW Government take steps to:

  • improve data collection in New South Wales about elder abuse
  • develop an agreed definition of elder abuse for the purposes of facilitating data collection, measurement of trends and the effectiveness of interventions
  • fund research into elder abuse and how best to support older people who are the most vulnerable to abuse or who are victims of abuse.

Read the full submission

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