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2016-06: Integrated Carer Support Service

The Department of Social Services (DSS) is developing an integrated plan for carer support services to better support and sustain the work of unpaid carers.

The first stage of the plan included design and implementation of the Carer Gateway - a national website and contact centre that provides carers with information and helps them connect with support services.

The second stage of the plan involves developing a new integrated carer support service system, which is intended to deliver supports that reduce carer strain, increase care well-being and support them to continue in their caring role. DSS prepared a discussion paper seeking feedback on the draft Service Concept.

AAG's submission dated 16 June 2016:

  • endorsed the Carers Australia submission
  • Endorsed the National Aged Care Alliance (NACA) election position
  • Made some general comments about:
    • carers of older people and older carers
    • integration with the aged care system
    • older people with special needs
    • need for ageing research and evaluation
    • elder abuse.

Feedback from the submission process informed the development of a draft Service Delivery Model, which outlines the way support is proposed to be delivered to carers in the future. The draft Service Delivery Model was open for public consultation in November - December 2016.

On 16 December 2016, AAG made a further submission on the draft service delivery model, which also endorsed the Carers Australia submission. You can read the AAG submission here.

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