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2020-10 ANUHD submission to National Disability Strategy review

AAG is a member of the Australian Network for Universal Housing Design (ANUHD).

AAG supports the ANUHD submission in response to Review of the National Disability Strategy Stage 2 Consultations (dated 30 October 2020). In this submission, ANUHD recommends:
• The vision, principles and outcome areas remain unchanged.
• An Office of National Disability Strategy to be established to provide the mechanism to work across all governments and sectors to develop, monitor and report on Targeted Action Plans.
• Funding for independent disability advocacy organisations that will provide alternative reports and call those responsible to account when they fail to act on their commitments.

In addition, ANUHD recommends the following specific recommendations for a housing strategy:
1. Australia needs a national housing strategy with a principled and long-term vision for equitable and individualised housing assistance, social inclusion,and greater choice and control in the housing options offered to all people including people with disability.
2. The concept of universal design as defined in the UNCRPD should be integrated in all targeted action plans for housing in the National Disability Strategy.
3. Amendments should be made to the National Construction Code to require at least Gold Level access in all new and extensively modified housing.
4. Develop mainstream strategies and generic platforms to match accessible housing with the households that are seeking it.
5. There should be national standardisation, quality assurance and data collection of government-funded home modifications to optimise their efficiency and effectiveness within the broader housing and human service sectors.

To see the October 2020 ANUHD submission to the National Disability Strategy Review click here.

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