AAG Conference

President's Symposium

2021 - Digital - Pres, A/Prof Marguerite Bramble - Can we die of old age? -
Prof Damian Dowling
(VIC), Monash University; A/Prof Matt Piper (VIC), Monash University; Prof Julie Byles (NSW) Universirty of Newcastle

2020 - Digital - Pres, Prof Christine Stirling - Ageing Well and Dying Well -
Prof Kaarin Anstey (NSW), Director, UNSW Ageing Futures Institute; Dr Joanne Lynn (USA), Director, Centre of Elder Care and Advanced Illness Altarum Institute

2019 - Sydney, NSW - Pres, Prof Christine Stirling - Policy and Practice -
Prof Teppo Kröger, Professor of Social and Public Policy, University of Jyväskylä, Finland, “Transforming ageing the Nordic Way: Conjoining policy and practice for the family and the welfare state”; Prof Kathy Eagar – Director of the Australian Health Services Research Institute, University of Wollongong, “Using evidence to redesign the Australian aged care system”

2018 - Melbourne, VIC - Pres, Prof Christine Stirling - Workforce of the Future -
Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward, "Nurses as leaders in care: changing scope of practice"; Professor Joseph Ibrahim, "Choice versus risk: the role of workforce"

2017 - Perth, WA - Pres, Dr Helen Barrie - The economic opportunities of an ageing population - how much do we value the golden goose?
Prof Julie Byles, Woman's work: a life course approach to women work and caring; Prof Briony Dow); "Celebrating our middle-ageing population"; Barbara Squires, "What does the goose think? Reflections on growing older in the AAG"

2016 - Canberra, ACT - Pres, Dr Helen Barrie - Attitudes to ageing -
Prof Hal Kending, "Attitudes towards inter-generational equity and social change"; A/Prof Kate O'Loughlin and Dr Kerry Sargeant-Cox, "The Burden of Age"

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