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David Wallace Address

The David Wallace Address was established to honour the life of Dr David Wallace, a founding member of the AAG and a pioneer of gerontology and geriatric medicine in Australia. The Address is offered to an exceptional contributor to gerontology or closely related fields in Australia.

A physician from Goulburn in New South Wales (NSW), David is primarily credited with founding the national association known as the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG). After attending the 4th International Congress of Gerontology in Italy in 1957, Dr Wallace returned to Australia with the aim of setting up an Australian Society of Gerontology.

David was actively involved in the AAG throughout his life; he was the first secretary of the Association and President from 1969-71 (more about David Wallace).

The David Wallace Address is presented each year at the AAG Conference. The occasion of the address is accompanied by the presentation to the speaker of the David Wallace Medal.

Previous David Wallace Address recipients

January 2022

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