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Arthur Everitt Award 2019 recipients

for AAG student research members 2019 AAG Conference

This year's worthy recipients are:
Kylie Crnek-Georgeson and Md. Mijanour Rahman

"In November, I received the Arthur Everitt Award. This was a very proud moment for me as I was recognised by my peers as an emerging researcher in the field of gerontology, for my abstract on ‘Resilience in rural Australians: A Stakeholder Perspective’, alongside my fellow colleague,Md Mijanur Rahman and his abstract titled ‘Association between Patterns of Community Care Use and RAC Admission’. The late Professor Everitt was one of the founding fathers of the AAG and I am proud to hold this achievement as one of the pinnacles of my career.Thank you to the AAG and to the Everitt family for providing me with this amazing opportunity." Kylie Crnek-Georgeson

"The AAG 52nd conference was a successful event that covered a wide range of topics, an excellent line of keynote speakers, and a nice engagement of relevant stakeholders. As a PhD student, it was a great opportunity for me to present my findings and build up a connection with fellow peers and senior researchers. I'm so grateful and honored to receive the Arthur Everitt Award which supported the costs of attending the conference. Thank you again to the AAG conference committee for organizing such a fabulous event." Md. Mijanur Rahman

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