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Arthur Everitt Award 2017 recipients

for AAG student research members 2017 AAG Conference

This year's worthy recipients go to
Cathy Monro (NSW) and Alison Rahn (NSW) (at 2017 AAG Conference Dinner, Perth).

"I wish to convey my thanks to AAG. The AAG has transformed my PhD experience from one of potential isolation to one of inclusion in the Australian gerontology community. At AAG conferences I have built new friendships and been exposed to experts, new ideas and up-to-date research in multiple fields. The conferences have also have been invaluable as a supportive forum to promote my study and disseminate the results. I am very honoured to receive this year’s Arthur Everitt Award, which not only covers my conference fees but also provides me with professional encouragement to continue doing what I’m doing" Alison Rahn.

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