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2016 Conference Overview

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2016 Abstracts

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2016 Conference Oral Presentations

Presenter Name Session Presentation Title
Alison Penington 13A.3 Developing the future: Exercise Physiology in Aged Care
Amity James 2D.4 "Considering ‘residence’ in the context of non-metropolitan retirement migration decisions"
Andre Catrice 8B.1 Improving care of the hospitalised older person; four important projects
Anita Westera 10C.1 The Younger Onset Dementia Key Worker Program evaluation findings
Anna Donaldson 10B.3 Introducing an innovative social enterprise model for fostering intergenerational connection
Belinda Cash 12A.2 Re-imagining social research: A transformative approach to understanding informal care.
Betty Haralambous 10B.4 Volunteering activities among older immigrants: A qualitative study
Carlos Montana-Hoyos 6D.3 Story telling Time machine
Cathy Gong 4D.2 Health impacts on ageing workers in Australia and China
Chadia Bastin 6B.1 "Eating for independence: capacity building older people"
Debbie Roe 8B.2 The Clinical Utility of the COPM in the Sub-Acute Setting
Diane Hosking 6C.4 Informant-reported cognitive decline and life-engagement change in the PATH Study
Donna Preston 13B.3 Dancing To Avoid Falls and Increase Happiness in Residential Care
Eevon Chia; Lisa Onley 10B.1 Multi-prong strategies to address barriers to socialising in older persons
Emily Tomlinson 2C.4 Medication management of delirium in hospitalised older people
Fanke Peng 6D.2 Wearable memory: Wearable technologies and sensors for seniors
Gemma Tatangelo 10A.3 Needs of dementia carers: Differences between partner and offspring carers
Guy Luscombe 10D.4 Age/n/dem – Age and Dementia Friendly Streetscapes
Hal Kendig 9.1 Attitudes towards inter-generational equity and social change
Helen Courtney-Pratt 10D.2 Entering aged care for those living with dementia: Families’ experiences
Helga Merl 12B.2 RN and NP led Memory Wellness Clinic and Program evaluation
Jenny Davis 4A.2 Nursing in aged care in Australia: views from the inside
Jill Manthorpe 12C.1 The ‘Catastrophe’ of Older People’s Care in England? The re-imaging of later life as a time of anxiety and outrage
Joanne Tropea 10C.3 Dementia management in hospitals: comparing current practice to guideline recommendations
Joyce Jiang 2A.1 Embracing and supporting a diverse workforce
Joyce Jiang 2A.4 Rethinking 'culture' and 'diversity' in the aged care workforce
Julia Duffy 10E.4 Elder Abuse - what's so special? Existing legal protections
Julie Byles 4D Understanding the implications of ageing in China: a view from down under.
Kylie Radford 10C.2 Life course head injury and dementia in older Aboriginal Australians
Lily Xiao 2A.2 Residents and family members’ perceptions of cultural diversity
Linda Ross 8B.4 Emergency paramedic attendance to older patients in Victoria
Lorraine Wadley 13A.2 Greening with Meaning- Volunteering with dementia
Lucy Busija 13C.1 Contemporary role of Elders in the Indigenous communities in Australia
Mark Thompson 8A.3 Frailty prevalence in North West Adelaide
Nick Seemann 10D.5 Strategic improvements program for residential aged care buildings
Nicole McDerby 2C.1 Safe to crush? Dosage form modifications in aged care
Paul Cann Plenary 3 Advancing not retiring: why the future belongs to the babyboomers and how they will share it
Petrea Messent 13A.1 Dementia Friendly partnership with The Tradies ACT
Quang Trinh 8A.1 Vietnamese older people’s material contributions in ageing population context
Rachel Carson 12D.4 Towards a better understanding of elder abuse
Richard Fleming 8D.4 Re-imagining the hospital environment - why should kids have all the fun?
Robyn Kennaugh 4B.4 Ageing, stress and ageing well: Stories from older Australian women
Rosalind Croucher 12D.5 Protecting the rights of older Australians from abuse through laws and legal frameworks —The ALRC’s elder abuse enquiry
Rosi Aryal 10A.1 Lived Experiences and Support Needs of Immigrant and Refugee Carers
Ruth Campbell 10E.3 Understanding the community: planning health promotion activities with the participants
Shane Thomas 4D.3 Primary health care and healthy ageing in China
Sharifah Munirah Syed Elias 6A.2 Spiritual reminiscence therapy - is it effective for older people?
Suellen Allen 8D.1 Caring for Cognitive Impairment
Susan Ogle 13C.2 Use of poetry to promote education and research on frailty
Timothy Broady 12A.1 Sharing the care: Siblings caring for ageing parents
Wei Wang 6B.4 "Nurses’ attitudes towards exercise during haemodialysis among older adults"

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