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Life Members

Life Membership is the highest honour that the Australian Association of Gerontology bestows on its members. Life members have a long and distinguished record of service as a member and contribution to the gerontology community at a national level. Awards are made as and when suitable candidates are nominated.

Previous awardee Dr Gill Lewin (formerly Prof) was in Melbourne for a Board Meeting in May 2022. AAG President A/Prof Marguerite Bramble took the opportunity to present her with her plaque.

The 2021 Life Member Inductees Professor Lynne Parkinson and Professor Linda Rosenman were announced during the 2021 AAG and AAG Research Trust online AGM and Trust Update.

The 2020 Life Member Inductees Professor Christine Stirling and David Heath were announced during the 2020 AAG and AAG Research Trust online AGM and Trust Update.

The 2019 Life Member Inductee Ruth Bright OAM, was unfortunately unable to attend the 2019 AAG Conference however, Ruth Innall OAM a previous inductee was in attendance and recognised with a presentation.

Mark Elliott being presented with his award at the 2018 AAG Conference.

Some inductees from previous years were also recognised with a presentation at the 2018 Conference

From left to right: (pic.1) Dr Glenda Powell, Prof Keith Hill, Barbara Squires, Prof Julie Byles, A/Prof Briony Dow, Prof Leon Flicker AO & (pic.2) Dr Helen Barrie

Professor Anna Howe was unable to make the 2018 Conference but CEO James Beckford Saunders was able to catch up with her at a subsequent event.

Honour Board - Life Members

Dr Helen Barrie
Ruth Bright OAM
Professor Tony Broe
Professor Laurie Buys
Professor Julie Byles
Professor Briony Dow
Mark Elliott
Professor Leon Flicker AO
Dr Kevin Grant
David Heath
Professor Keith Hill
Professor Anna Howe
Ruth Inall OAM
Professor Gill Lewin
Professor Lynne Parkinson
Dr Glenda Powell
Professor Linda Rosenman
Frank Schaper
Barbara Squires
Professor Christine Stirling

Honour Board - Life Members who have since passed away

Professor Gary Andrews
Professor Fred Ehrlich OAM
Dr Arthur Everitt
Dr Richard 'Dick' Gibson
Dr Keith Hirschfeld
Professor Hal Kendig
Professor Richard Lefroy
Bess McRae
Professor Sidney Sax CBE
Dr David Wallace

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