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Getting to know you ..... Dr Claudia Meyer

How did you hear about AAG and why did you join?

It was all because of Keith Hill! I joined the (National Ageing Research Institute) NARI team as a research physiotherapist in late 2007 and he thought (as then current President of the Victorian Division) that it would be an EXCELLENT idea if I joined the committee.

What’s your day job and how do you engage with AAG?

I am a Research Fellow in the Bolton Clarke Research Institute and am in the fortunate position to have served as President of the AAG Student and Early Career Group (on 2 occasions) and now as a Director of the Board.

What is your passion?

Landscaping and home renovation – might even become a ‘flipper’!

What makes you laugh the most?

The dry sense of humour of my kids.

What is the biggest challenge and opportunity for gerontology?

We have much evidence in many areas of gerontology; yet, moving that evidence into practice is like turning the proverbial Titanic. Implementation science is the key, a wonderful challenge (she says on a good day), but also difficult, messy and frustrating.

What is your favourite thing about your career?

I am in the fortunate position of working on numerous projects, translating research into practice. Working as a researcher embedded within a service provider organisation provides an incredible opportunity to work with frontline staff and management to improve the lives of older Australians.

What does AAG and gerontology mean for you?

The collegial environment of researcher, practitioners and policy experts from a wide range of fields. Working in gerontology, linked through the AAG, allows me to benefit from the skills and expertise of allied health clinicians, doctors, nurses, architects, demographers, sociologists, lawyers, business managers and financial advisors, to name just a few.

July 2019

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