Membership Overview

Previous year's recipients of AAG Fellowships & Distinguished Member awards

Below are the 2019 AAG Fellows recipients:
Alison Rahn, Renuka Visvanathan, Elissa Burton (absent) and Ruth Walker (absent) with AAG NSW Chair Anthony Brown at the 2019 AAG Conference.

Below are the 2019 Distinguished Members recipients:
Andrea Petriwskyi, Keryn Curtis, Kasia Bail, , Lynne Parkinson, Samantha Edmonds and Sandra Forster.
Pictured: In attendance at the 2019 AAG Conference with Anthony Brown AAG NSW Chair

Below are the 2018 AAG Fellows recipients:
Dr Kate-Ellen Elliott and Prof Diane Gibson with President Professor Christine Stirling at the 2018 AAG Conference.

Below are the 2018 Distinguished Members recipients:
A/Prof Briony Dow, Dr Ruth Walker and Dr Jane Fyfield
Pictured: In attendance at the 2018 AAG Conference: A/Prof Briony Dow and Dr Jane Fyfield

Below are the 2017 AAG Fellows recipients:
Associate Professor Christine Stirling and Associate Professor Vasi Naganathan (not present) with Immediate Past President Dr Helen Barrie at the 2017 AAG Conference

Below are the 2017 Distinguished Members recipients:
Richard Cumpston, Sophia Lindeyer, Sarah Fogg, Anthony Brown and Jeni Warburton.
Pictured: In attendance at the 2017 AAG Conference: Carrie Hayter and Linda Isherwood with Immediate Past President President Helen Barrie

Below are the 2016 AAG Fellows recipients:
Dr Andrea Petriwskyj, Dr Linda Isherwood and Dr Meredith Taverner
Pictured: Dr Andrea Petriwskyj (left) and Dr Linda Isherwood (right) with President Dr Helen Barrie

Below are the 2016 Distinguished Members recipients:
Anna Shepherd, Helen Creasey, Kristen De San Miguel, Lynsey Brown , Patricia Shepherd, Renuka Visvanathan and Robert Penhall
Pictured: Lynsey Brown (left) and Renuka Visvanathan (right)

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