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The AAG Website, Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) and Community Engagement Project

The AAG Website, Stakeholder Relationship Management (SRM) and Community Engagement Project (the Project for short) aims to transform the way we deliver on our purpose, through enabling us to build and effectively engage with a range of stakeholders, including of course connecting our members.

In 2020 we ran workshops with a broad range of stakeholders to develop the baseline scope for the project. The partner selection process was delayed to 2021 due to the impacts of Covid-19, when we ran a Request for Proposal to six recommended vendors. Further to a rigorous process the Vendor Selection Panel unanimously recommended a world leader of Association Management software and a leading online community platform to assist with the connection of AAG members, namely ASI/IMIS (for the SRM and website) and Higher Logic (for the Community Engagement tool).

During our due diligence process it became clear, both from conversations with the two vendors and from the experience of the six clients who had implemented both systems, that an implementation partner, separate to the vendors, was essential. CauseIs was strongly recommended by many of the clients and is a specialist in working with IMIS that has been recognised at a global leader. Following review CauseIs was appointed as AAG’s project partner.

Following Board approval, agreements have been signed and we will starting the implementation of the project in early 2022 with the plan to complete by September 2022.

To ensure that the Project is based around your needs, we have contracted a User eXperience (UX) expert who specialises in developing an engaging web based experience focused around your needs.

Many of you will have received an email request last Friday seeking feedback and insights into improving the online experience with AAG. Please complete the short survey which will only take a few minutes.

We will keep you informed of the Project’s progress and ways that you can engage to ensure it meets the needs of AAG.

if you have any queries regarding the Project please contact Michael Tan from AAG National on

25 November 2021

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