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Division Engagement Project


AAG commenced a Division Engagement Project (DEP) in August 2020 to explore and redefine the role and purpose of AAG divisions; to understand their current and likely future needs; and to establish a new mutually productive and beneficial relationship that ensures the growth, sustainability and success of the whole Association. The project included a comprehensive consultation which resulted in a DEP Report and recommendations, formally released on 4 Feb 2021. Following a further workshop on 3 March, attended by more than 50 members from across every state and territory division, an Implementation Plan* has been developed.

AAG members are encouraged to get involved (again) in the implementation phase of this important initiative which aims to be completed by October 2021 and formally launched at the annual Divisions workshop at the 54th AAG Conference, 9 November 2021.

Your opportunity to get involved

Central to the Implementation Plan is the establishment of four working groups that will undertake different parts of the project and a DEP Steering Group which has representation from each working group.

You can choose to participate in one or more of the four groups (see brief descriptions below – more details are in the Implementation Plan).

As part of your involvement in the working groups, you can also nominate to be one of two co-chairs for each group. The two co-chairs of each working group are automatically members of the DEP Steering Group. At least one of the co-chairs of each working group is required to attend each meeting of the Steering Group, in addition to meetings of the working group.

Remember, these are ‘working groups’ so if you think you would like to part of more than one group, be sure you have sufficient time.

The terms of reference for the DEP Steering Group and the working groups are set out on pages 6-9 of the Implementation Plan.

The four DEP working groups that will collectively undertake the work are:

  1. Roles and structures working group
    Focusing on establishing and documenting division committee roles, structures, terms of reference, orientation. This working group will need to liaise with the other groups in order to develop full documentation. [Dealing predominantly with recommendations 2 and 3 of the DEP Report]
  2. Training and development working group
    Focusing on division training, development & mentoring frameworks and opportunities. [Dealing predominantly with recommendations 4 and 6 of the DEP Report]
  3. Planning and direction working group
    Focusing on division committee planning processes; administration systems; and engagement in establishing goals and future direction of AAG. [Dealing predominantly with recommendation 5 of the DEP Report]
  4. Communication and engagement working group
    Focusing on how divisions communicate and engage with both internal and external audiences [Dealing predominantly with recommendations 7,8,9 of the DEP Report]

Selection of co-chairs of working groups

In order to be nationally representative, the DEP Steering Group will ideally have at least one representative from each state and territory division, including via the 8 co-chair positions.

To assess and achieve the desired national representation, the co-chairs of each working group will be appointed by a selection panel. The selection panel will include AAG President, Marguerite Bramble (or her board delegate), DEP project manager, Keryn Curtis and CEO, James Beckford Saunders.

Next steps: nominate to be part of the Project

We are now calling for members from every state and territory division who are willing to participate in one (or more) of the working groups to nominate themselves by completing the electronic nomination form.

The electronic form will ask you to:

  • nominate for a particular working group (or groups) and provide contact details
  • be willing to participate in a minimum number of meetings for each group, as well as possible smaller meetings; and to contribute your skills and time as agreed within the group to meet set deadlines
  • decide to nominate to be a co-chair* of the group, noting that this will involve being a member of the DEP Steering Group with additional responsibilities
  • if you nominate to be a co-chair, you will need to write a short 150-word statement outlining the particular skills, experience and availability that make you suitable for this role.

Timing and questions

Please click here to nominate. Nominations are open for three weeks from Friday 9 April to Friday 30 April 2021

If you have any questions, please contact Keryn Curtis at or on 0418 209 737.

Click here for the AAG Divisions Engagement Project Final Report in full.

Click here for the AAG Divisions Engagement Project Implementation Plan*

* You are strongly encouraged to read The DEP Implementation Plan. It incorporates feedback from the workshop and includes most of the information you need to make your decisions. Be assured, it is not a long or complex read and, for those wanting a refresher, it includes a short summary of the key recommendations of the DEP Report; plus a summary of the feedback from the workshop.


This project has been an opportunity for AAG to work collaboratively with the divisions to understand their needs and challenges, explore and redefine their role and purpose; to understand their current and likely future needs; and to define a new mutually productive and beneficial relationship that will ensure the whole organisations continues to thrive.

The project involved research and consultation with a wide range of division members across all divisions using a combination of an online survey and one on one interviews. There were 40 survey respondents and 31 individual interviews undertaken. Responses are anonymous.

The research found a number of extremely positive aspect of the experience of divisions including their sense of shared passion, mutual support for each other and loyalty to the organisation.

While division committee members are generally grateful and pleased with the growth and increased policy function of national office, the changes have also left the divisions wondering what their role should be now.

This project has found that divisions are keen to agree and formalise a new role in the modern Association that is consistent with the goals of the whole organisation but sensitive to state and territory variations.

Click here for the final report.

Click here for the survey results that informed the project

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