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AAG Fellows

The AAG Fellowship award established in 1999 is intended to recognise high professional standing of members in any field of gerontology. Applicants must have been a member for five years and meet four of the following criteria (including item 3 or 4):
1. Service on an AAG State or Territory Division Commitees or the AAG Board
2. Higher qualifications in a relevant field
3. Presentation at AAG National Conference
4. Scholarship evidenced by publication
5. Current membership of other relevant professional associations
6. Service in the field of gerontology

Below is the 2021 AAG Fellow recipient:
A/Prof Mandy Stanley
Pictured: Announced during the 2021 AAG and AAG Research Trust online AGM and Research Trust Update

Honour Board - AAG Fellows

Alan Pearson
Alison Rahn
Allan Borowski
Andrea Petriwskyj
Ann Peut
Anna Howe
Anne Sammut
Anthony Jorm
Arthur Baxter
Arthur Everitt
Barbara Blundell
Barbara Squires
Betty Haralambous
Bridget Yalden
Brig Robert Slater
Briony Dow
Charles Young
Chris Hatherly
Chris Shanley
Christine Stirling
Christine Toye
David Ames
Diane Gibson
Douglas Blake
Duncan Boldy
Edward Helmes
Elery Hamilton-Smith AM
Elissa Burton
Evonne Miller
Felicity Barr
Frederick Ehrlich
GA (Tony) Broe
George Stathers
Gill Lewin
Glenda Powell
Hal Kendig
Henry Brodaty
Irena Madjar
Jane Sims
Janet Bryan
Jennifer Le Miere
Jill Pretty
Jo Harrison
John McCallum
John McCormack
John Snowdon
Julie Byles
Julie Ellis
Justin Keogh
Kaarin Anstey
Kate-Ellen Elliott
Katrina Radford
Keith Hill
Laurie Buys
Leon Flicker
Leonard Gray
Linda Isherwood
Linda Rosenman
Lynne Parkinson
Malcolm Bond
Malgosia Zlobicki
Mandy Stanley
Margaret Crowe
Mark Hughes
Mary Luszcz
Melissa Lindeman
Merideth Taverner
Michael Clark
Michael Dorevitch
Michael Fine
Michael Murray
Michael Woodward
Pamela Johnson
Patricia Bulbeck
Paul Sadler
Penelope McCartney
Renuka Visvanathan
Richard Hugman
Robert Penhall
Robert Ranzijn
Roger Rumble
Roger Warne
Ronald Edwin Okely
Rosalie Hudson
Ruth Bright
Ruth Inall OAM
Ruth Walker
Sandra Woodbridge
Sarah Mott
Sharon Wall
Sid WIlliams
Stephen Harding
Susan Feldman
Susan Koch
Susan Quine
Tess Tsindos
Tuly Rosenfeld
Vasi Naganathan
Walter Petralia
Yun-Heen Jeon
Yvonne Wells

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