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AAG Distinguished Members

AAG Distinguished Member Awards were introduced in 1999. These Awards are made on the nomination of State Divisions. AAG Distinguished Member award recognises members who have given outstanding service to AAG over many years, through serving on AAG State and Territory Divisional Committees and/or the AAG Board of Directors or previous equivalents, contributing to a range of activities to promote the achievement of AAG’s purpose.

Nomination is based solely on recognition by and recommendations of AAG State and Territory Division Committees, and is approved by the Board.

Please contact your division committee if you wish to be nominated.
Nominations close on Friday, 07th September 2018.

Below are the 2017 Distinguished Members recipients:
Richard Cumpston, Sophia Lindeyer, Sarah Fogg, Anthony Brown and Jeni Warburton.
Pictured: In attendance at the 2017 AAG Conference: Carrie Hayter and Linda Isherwood with Immediate Past President President Helen Barrie

Honour Board - Distinguished Members

Adelaide Bornmann
Alan Steward
Andrew Robinson
Ann Atkinson
Anna Howe
Anne Henderson
Anne Sammut
Anne-Marie Russo
Anthony Brown
Arthur Baxter
Barbara Squires
Bess McRae
Beth Neyland
Bev Fethers
Bridget Sutherland
C Hill
Carina Green
Carrie Hayter
Catherine Lock
Catherine Yelland
Christina Hagger
Christine Burbak
Christopher Shanley
Colin Pudney
Colleen Cartwright
David Palmer
David Simmons
Don Rowland
Elaine Barclay - Abbott
Elaine White
Eric Cunningham Dax
Evonne Miller
Felicity Barr
Fred Ehrlich
GA (Tony) Broe
Gerry De Gabrielle
Gill Lewin
Graeme Parry
Hal Kendig
Heather Prentice
Helen Feist
Helen Flux
Helen Pook
Hilary O'Connell
Jane Sims
Jeni Warburton
Jennie Cox
Jennifer Page
Jenny Achurch
Jessica Clark
Jill Petty
Joanne Cranitch
John Crisp
John Hurley OAM
John McCormack
John Shepherd
Joy Chapman
Joyce Hossack
Judy Lindsay
Kaarin Anstey
Keith Hill
Ken Evans
Kerry McDougall
Kevin Grant
Kevin Vassarotti
Laurie Buys
Leon Flicker
Linda Isherwood
Lloyd Jago
Lorna Hoey
Lui DiVenuto
Maggie Crow
Margaret Davey
Margaret Hodge
Margaret Hubbery
Margaret Robb
Marianne Cummins
Marie Curlis
Marion Shaw
Marjory Kobold
Mary Baker
Merv Cheong
Michael Davis
Michael Fine
Michael Murray
Michael Woodward
Mila Cichello
Pam Bongers
Pamela Johnson
Pat Charlton
Patricia Reeve
Paul Eckert
Paul Sadler
Pauline Brooks OAM
Penny McCartney
Phillus Montgomery
Reg Goddard
Rev Prof Elizabeth Mackinlay
Rhonda Nay
Richard Cumpston
Rod Brown
Ron Okely
Sadhana Mahajani
Sally Garratt
Sandra Woodbridge
Sarah Fogg
Sharon Wall
Sophia Lindeyer
Sue Quine
Virginia Simpson-Young
Viv Allanson
Winsome Ward
Wivienne Pusey
Yvonne Wells

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