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01 May 19

Yulgilbar Alzheimer Research Program - Annual Presentation - Melbourne



Wednesday 1st May

Ian Potter Auditorium, Kenneth Myer Building
30 Royal Parade

Professor John Hardy (Institute of Neurology, University College London)
has agreed to give the Inaugural Baillieu Myer lecture at 5:00pm to celebrate
Bails’ wonderful commitment to dementia research.

Provisional program details:

12:30: Colin Masters “Molecular Origins of Alzheimer Disease: When does it Start, and Strategies for
Primary Prevention”

1:10: Rebecca Nisbet “Characterisation of novel tau-specific monoclonal antibodies for the treatment
of Alzheimer’s disease and enhancement of their delivery into the brain using focused scanning

1:30: Colin Pouton “How can we design better biological models for discovery of neuroprotective

1:50: Michael Valenzuela “Hair-follicle derived neuroprecursor cell therapy for Alzheimer dementia”

2:10: Greeting from Janice Besch, Director, NNIDR: “Sustaining the Boost”

2.15: Bob Williamson “Did YARP achieve its objectives?”


2:30: Aamira Huq, Samantha Loi, Peter van Wijngaarden, Rosie Watson and Nawaf Yassi “The YARP
Young Clinicians Initiative: Progress, Achievements and Future Directions”

3:15: Alice Pebay, Damian Hernandez, Vini Gautam, Alex Grubman, Mirella Dottori, Lezanne Ooi “Can
Cerebral Organoids Model Aspects of Alzheimer Disease?”

3:40: Karen Mather “MicroRNAs and Alzheimer Disease”

4:05: Michael Parker “A Journey from Antibodies to Small Molecules and Back Again”

4:30: break (tea and coffee catered)

5:00: John Hardy (Inaugural Baillieu Myer lecture) “Genomics and Neurodegeneration: a failure of
damage clear-up”

6:00: Thanks and summary to be offered by Baillieu Myer

To help with the organisation of refreshments and to be sent a final program of events please please email Zoe Brown here if you would like to attend.

Event Date & Time: 1st May 12.30 pm - 6.30 pm

Event date has passed

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