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04 Jul 17

Webinar - The role of the nurse practitioner in supporting palliative and end of life care for older people

Australia and New Zealand will see a significant increase in the number of people aged over 65. In Australia, approximately three quarters of people aged 65 uses an aged care service in the last 12 months of life making palliative and end of life care core business for aged care services. Nurse practitioners are playing a vital role in providing support for residents and clients, their families and the staff that work in aged care services. In this exciting session you will learn more about:

Participants will:

  • The experience of a palliative care nurse practitioner supporting palliative and end of life care for older people in residential aged care facilities
  • The role of the palliative care nurse practitioner in the challenges of supporting families to maintain care for end of life in the clients home
  • Nurse practitioner led specialist gerontology and palliative integration models for older people in residential aged care.

Hear from the Leading Speakers

Peter Jenkin, NP Resthaven

Peter Jenkin is a palliative care nurse practitioner for aged and community care service Resthaven and previously worked as a specialist palliative care nurse for a community service in Adelaide.

Jenkin provides specialist support in residential and community aged care, helping with symptom management and advance care planning. He also takes part in research, external education activities and teaching postgraduate studies at university.

He says his role also focuses on assisting the elderly and their families with potential emotional or psychosocial distress and providing information and support for families and staff.

Peter will be speaking about his role as a NP implementing a palliative approach across 11 residential aged care facilities for a not for profit organisation. This includes establishing a referral system and implementing the three key processes from the Palliative Approach Toolkit.

Karen Gower, NP Blue Care

Karen is a nurse practitioner, Palliative Care and Aged Care specialist at Blue Care, Queensland. She commenced at Blue Care in 2013 leading a Commonwealth funded project called Enhancing Aged Care through Better Palliative Care which saw her provide specialist pall care services to Blue Care clients and residents in Metro North. By providing specialist palliative care services within the home environment, the project provided clients and their families choice in end-of-life care and increased satisfaction and quality of life for people with a life-limiting illness and their family members. Fortunately, Blue Care were confident with the findings of the project and continued the Nurse Practitioner program in the community in Metro North.

Prior to starting at Blue Care, Karen was the Clinical Nurse Manager at The Wesley Hospital Palliative Care Service for 10 years so brings with her expensive knowledge about providing exceptional palliative care to people in their last months and weeks of life.

Karen will be speaking about providing palliative care in the community the challenges for families to maintain care for end-of -life in the clients home, such as medication management with a syringe driver when the nurses only visit once a day. Elderly clients with elderly carers and no support is also a challenge.

A/Prof Michal Boyd, Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, School of Nursing, The University of Auckland

The New Zealand-based American is a gerontology nurse practitioner and researcher at the School of Nursing and Department of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Auckland.

She has been a provider, leader and researcher of care management for older people since the early 1990’s. Dr Boyd is considered a leader in the research of innovative healthcare for older people. She developed the Residential Aged Care Integration Programme at Waitemata District Health Board (DHB), is co-editor of the Care Home Handbook, and a practising health care provider.

Michal will be speaking about Michal will be speaking about the Nurse Practitioner role in residential aged care in New Zealand and recent research about specialist gerontology and palliative integration models

Facilitator: Professor Deborah Parker, University of Technology Sydney (UTS)

Deborah is the Professor of Nursing Aged Care (Dementia) in the Faculty of Health. Deborah is a former Director of the University of Queensland/Blue Care Research and Practice Development Centre (UQ/BC RPDC) and Director of the Australian Centre for Evidence Based Community Care. Deborah has received over $24 million in research funding. Her primary areas of research are palliative care for older people, dementia and health services evaluation in aged care. She was the lead investigator on the Palliative Approach Toolkit - an evidence based knowledge translation product that has been provided to every residential aged care facility in Australia.

Deborah is Vice President of Palliative Care NSW, Board Director of Carrington Care and a member of the Australian Association of Gerontology and Palliative Care Nurses Australia and will be facilitating this exciting session” at the end of the session.

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