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05 Sep 17

WEBINAR - Role of physical activity in prostate cancer survivorship

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for males in many countries including Australia and New Zealand, with older men more at risk of developing this cancer than their younger counterparts. While improvements in detection and treatment have resulted in very high five year survival rates for prostate cancer, many of these treatments still have substantial negative effects on older men’s health, including increased risk of chronic disease, reduced physical function and mental health. Substantial evidence now indicates that exercise can reduce many of these treatment related side-effects, however too many men with prostate cancer are still in sufficiently physically active.

Theme one: What is prostate cancer and what are the common treatment approaches and treatment related side-effects? (Dr Joseph Ischia, Urologist, University of Melbourne, Austin Health)

Theme two: What is the evidence surrounding the benefits, barriers and facilitators to physical activity and exercise and men with prostate cancer? (Associate Prof Justin Keogh, Bond University Gold Coast)

Theme three: The personal experiences of a urologist regarding the benefits he observes and challenges he faces in promoting physical activity and exercise to his prostate cancer patients. (Dr Joseph Ischia, Urologist, University of Melbourne, Austin Health)

Hear from the Leading Experts

A/Prof Justin Keogh
Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine, Bond University.

Associate Professor Keogh is an exercise scientist whose research focuses on better understanding the relationship between muscle mass, strength and physical performance in athletes as well as older adults at risk of disability and poor health outcomes. A recent focus has been on the geriatric syndrome of sarcopenia, defined as a progressive loss of muscle mass, muscular strength and physical performance that is becoming increasingly prevalent in older adults in residential aged care as well as prostate cancer survivors on androgen deprivation therapy. Much of his current cancer research examines the determinants of physical activity and exercise from both the patient and health professional perspective. He is an Associate editor or editorial board member of multiple journals including the Journal of Cancer Survivorship and Oncology Nursing Forumin.

Dr Joseph Ischia

Dr Joseph Ischia is a surgical uro-oncologist in general urology and specialising in the management of urological cancers. He is also involved in Urological research in prostate, bladder and kidney cancer with a research position at University of Melbourne.

Joseph completed a PhD at the University of Melbourne in the field of molecular biology of urological cancers. After successfully completing Urology training in Australia, I undertook a further two-year research and clinical fellowship in advanced urological cancers with training in Robotic surgery at the Vancouver Prostate Centre in Vancouver, Canada. He has published and presented my translational and clinical research at both local and international meetings. Also, he has multiple leadership roles in Australian urological circles being on the Victorian committee for the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand, as well scientific organizing committees for several National and International urological meetings.

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