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10 Oct 18

Webinar - AAG QLD Student & Early Career Researcher Event - Cutting Edge Research

Student & Early Career Researchers

Cutting Edge Research Event

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Debbie Mulligan - University of Southern Queensland

“The Shed’s not the same without you.” Men’s Sheds- Meeting older men’s contributive needs in regions within South East and South West Queensland, Australia?
Every day in the year 2016, more than two Australian men aged over 50 took their own lives (n=806). Every day in the year 2016, more than one Australian man aged over 60 took his own life (n= 464). Globally, men over 85 have the highest suicide rate of any demographic (, 2017, n.p.).
It is possible, and indeed probable, that suicide ideation is inextricably linked with the unfulfillment of an older man’s contributive needs. The aim of this research is to uncover the relationship between these two factors – i.e., suicide ideation in older males and how this may relate to their contributive needs not being fulfilled.

Lan Nguyen - School of Applied Psychology, Gold Coast campus, Griffith University

Immediate & Long-Term Efficacy of Training Executive Functions in Healthy Older Adults: A Systematic Review &
Cognitive training is a widely popular intervention aimed at attenuating age-related cognitive decline, though there is currently intense debate regarding the generalisability of this type of intervention—that is, can cognitive training promote improvements to everyday activities? As executive functions (working memory, inhibition, cognitive flexibility) are implicated in numerous cognitive processes and predict ability to perform functional activities, training executive functions would likely promote gains on trained tasks, and generalise or ‘transfer’ gains to similar untrained tasks (near-transfer) and general cognitive performance (far-transfer).

Najwan El-Saifi - School of Nursing and Midwifery & Menzies Health Institute Griffith University

Medication adherence determinants in people with dementia from caregivers’ perspectives
Adherence to treatment is a primary determinant of treatment success. Caregiver support can influence medication adherence in people with dementia. This study sought to explore medication adherence determinants in caregivers of people with dementia and possible management solutions to improve medication adherence.

Steven van Andel - Australian Catholic University

The relevance of integrating perception and action in gerontology
Every year, one in three older adults, age 65 and over, falls at least once each year. This causes them injuries, decreases in quality of life and sometimes death. It is therefore important to understand and prevent falls in older adults.
Falls mostly occur during gait and mostly in the home environment. Yet, falls risk assessments dominantly occur in a lab or clinic, in which elderly are asked to produce stationary balancing task. Whilst the action in a clinic (i.e. ‘not falling over’) is the same as in the natural environment, the perception of and the interaction with the world around us is different.

Jenny Murfield - Menzies Health Institute Queensland, School of Nursing & Midwifery, Griffith University

Easing the ‘cutting-edges’ of family caring with self-compassion: A review of the latest knowledge
Caring for an older family member can be stressful, and well-known ‘cutting-edges’ of caring include reduced physical and mental health and wellbeing. Self-compassion may help ease these negative effects, and research highlights a positive association between the cultivation of self-compassion and improved health outcomes in various populations. Knowledge about how self-compassion might be used to support family carers specifically, however, is unclear. This presentation reviews empirical evidence about the role of self-compassion on health outcomes for family carers of older adults, to understand the current state of knowledge.

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Event Date & Time: Wednesday 10th October 2018 11.30am - 1.00pm AEST (12.30pm - 2.00pm AEDT)

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