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29 May 19

Webinar - AAG QLD Student & Early Career Researcher Event - Cutting Edge Research

Student & Early Career Researchers

Cutting Edge Research Event

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Kelli Dendle - (PhD candidate). QUT, Creative Industries faculty, School of Design.

‘How do the residential circumstances of older people affect their role in sustaining their communities?’
One in five Australians will be aged over 65 by mid-century (1). Government and society increasingly expect older adults to downsize or move house in later life (2). Older people fill varied roles which support and sustain their communities, a consideration rarely acknowledged in contemporary housing discourse. The potential impact on communities if residents move in their later years is not well understood.

Dr Xanthe Golenko - Griffith University

‘Reducing social isolation among the elderly by developing high quality connections through an intergenerational learning program’
Increasing numbers of older people wish to remain living in their communities, however they often find themselves socially isolated. Social connection has positive associations with health and well-being outcomes and is known to protect against cognitive decline. Yet there is a lack of suitable programs that encourage social interaction, particularly across generations.

Rachel Brimelow - UQ Centre for Clinical Research, The University of Queensland

‘Psychotropic Prescribing for Mental health Conditions and Behaviours in Residential Aged Care Homes’
Residential aged care (RAC) has significantly higher use of psychotropic drugs due to the high prevalence of a wide range of psychological and behavioural morbidities. The appropriate use of these psychotropic drugs is a source of continued controversy, due to the increased risk of adverse events and limited evidence of efficacy in this cohort. Pivotal to the improved use of psychotropics within aged care is an understanding of the setting specific reasoning for prescribing.

Danielle Cave - School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences, The University of Queensland

‘Food fortification in aged care and in community-dwelling older adults: a review of strategies and issues’
Fortification is the addition of ingredients to foods or beverages, to make them more energy and nutrient-dense, without increasing the portion size. This food-first approach is commonly used for older adults who are malnourished or at risk of malnutrition.

Dr Bec Bennett - Ear Science Institute Australia

‘Consumer demand is resulting in smaller, faster and more technologically advanced hearing aids; but can the older adult consumer keep up with these advances?’
Miniaturisation of hearing aids makes them more discrete; but poses a challenge to individuals with concomitant dexterity, haptic touch or vision impairments. Faster processing speeds improve listening comfort; but may compound auditory loading for those with mild cognitive impairment. Technological advancements enable hearing aids to connect wirelessly to audio devices; but this can overcomplicate the process of learning how to use one’s hearing aid.

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Event Date & Time: Wednesday 29th May 12.00pm - 1.30pm AEST

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