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16 Oct 19

SECG Proudly presents: The Magical Unicorn of Work-Life Balance: What It Is and How to Achieve It

Note: This webinar is an interactive event. The co-convenors will
be taking questions through the chat box and via the special
hashtag below, so please feel free to send any comments
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Achieving work-life balance is one of the hardest challenges
for researchers but it is essential for continued productivity, for
personal activities and relationships. The many commitments
researchers must balance can make work-life balance difficult,
it is possible!

This interactive webinar will offer tactics on how to separate the different components of work and life, along with tips and strategies that will appeal to postgraduate students and early career researchers alike.

Hear from three researchers who have accumulated many years of experience in research and its associated struggles in an era where the boundaries between work and life have become blurred.

Participants will:

  • Hear from successful researchers about their experiences making an effort to maintain work life balance
  • Learn about planning and prioritising work and life activities
  • Explore the meaning of work-life balance in diverse cultures
  • Hear about tips and strategies used by successful researchers to maintain work life balance

Hear from our speakers:

Dr Alexis Hure
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Newcastle

Dr Alexis Hure is an accredited practising dietician and Public Health Fellow at the University of Newcastle. She works across a number of academic roles including, Program Convenor for Masters of Public Health, Chief Investigator of large research grants, PhD supervisor for 5 candidates, Course Coordinator and so on. More important are her roles outside of work. Mother of 3 adorable children, wife to a busy clinician, daughter and carer for ageing parents, cook, driver, friend and confidant. Alexis works in paid employment part-time but finds herself juggling the competing demands of work and life more like double-time and a half!

Jo Tropea
PhD Candidate and Program Manager
University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health

JoTropea is the Victorian AAG Student and Early Career Group representative, a PhD candidate and Program Manager at the Melbourne EpiCentre, University of Melbourne and Melbourne Health. She commenced her PhD part-time in February 2018, and will evaluate the effectiveness of a screen-based simulation training program on end of life dementia care, for staff working in residential aged care homes. She has over 7 years’ research experience in the fields of geriatric medicine and chronic diseases, and 13 years’ experience in coordinating collaborative projects. Her research interests are broad and include: research into current practice and best practice care of the older person, in particular people with cognitive impairment; implementation and evaluation of health service interventions; and use of administrative data to assess adverse and suboptimal outcomes. Away from work and studies she has 2 children in primary school who keep her busy!

Marcus Ang
PhD Candidate
University of Newcastle

Marcus Ang recently submitted his doctoral thesis. He is associated with University of Newcastle, School of Nursing and Midwifery. Marcus graduated from the National University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing with Honours in 2012. He worked as a registered nurse in the discipline of medical-surgical and critical care nursing at a tertiary hospital in Singapore. His research interests include exploring the impact of falls on older people and their carers, specifically, identifying the concern of carers about their family members falling at home. He managed to complete his PhD project in 3 years.

Co-Convened by:

Shazia Shehzad Abbas
PhD Candidate
University of Newcastle
AAG SECG member

Dr Joanne Flavel
Senior Research Officer
Finders University
AAG SECG member

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Event Date & Time: Wednesday 16th October 11.00am - 12.00pm AEDT

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