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18 Mar 14

Spirituality in Ageing and Aged Care - Who Cares?

Despite a decline in religious involvement in western societies, in recent decades, many people continue to search for meaning in their lives. This is essentially a spiritual search that may intensify with increasing age and the need to maintain hope despite disability, frailty, dementia and the imminence of death.

The study of spirituality is a relatively new field of research, but research has shown that meeting spiritual needs improves mental and spiritual health and well being. Finding meaning in the face of loss, disability and incurable illness sustains hope and promotes resilience. While acknowledging the importance of spirituality, many health and aged care staff feel inadequate to broach the topic with their patients / residents and do not know how to provide appropriate support.

Elizabeth MacKinlay will facilitate this webinar and discuss what spirituality is, the future needs of the ageing baby boomer cohort and spirituality, and spirituality in issues of frailty, end of life care and dementia.

Chris Perkins will provide an overview of studies on ageing and spirituality with discussion of research and specific issues in New Zealand.

David Petty will discuss the current Australian experience of ageing and spirituality and provide a practical take on spirituality - Spiritual Care - everybody's doing it! debunking the myths of spiritual care.

During this webinar, you will

  • Learn what spirituality is, and how it differs from religion
  • Consider particular issues of spirituality for older people
  • Understand how spirituality can be part of best practice

Presented in partnership with:

Hear from Leading Experts

Rev Prof Elizabeth MacKinlay AM, FACN, PhD

David Petty, Executive Officer, PASCOP

Dr Chris Perkins, Director, Selwyn Centre for Ageing and Spirituality

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Event Date & Time: Tuesday 18 March 2014, 12:00pm to 1:00pm AEDT

Registrations Close: 17th Mar 14 11:59 PM

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