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31 Aug 17

SECG proudly presents - Funding Outside the Box: How to Source Alternative Streams of Income to Fund Your Ageing Research

Research funding is in great demand nowadays, but relatively short supply. Many of the traditional funding schemes open to researchers are highly competitive and characterised by very low success rates. For emerging researchers in particular, there is a need to be creative in identifying alternative sources of funding that will sustain their ongoing research interests where traditional funding may be lacking.

This webinar will highlight a number of alternative sources of research funding ‘outside the box’ of traditional sources. Three panel members with experience of sourcing funding in the alternative realm, including crowd funding, industry and philanthropic sources, will discuss their experiences. Participants will hear about both the advantages and drawbacks of alternative research funding, and identify key strategies for success.

Participants will:

• Learn about a range of different options for sourcing research funding outside traditional sources.

• Learn from the experiences of three researchers, including early career researchers and a more[MC1] established researcher.

• This information could assist participants in tailoring future funding applications.

Hear from the Leading Experts

Dr Tim Henwood
Group Manager, Connected Living - Community Wellness & Lifestyle, Southern Cross Care SA & NT; Principal @ AgeFIT Solutions

Dr Tim Henwood is a special population exercise physiologist with a specific interest in older adults with complex healthcare needs accessing age care services. He has extensive experience in the assessment of muscle physiology and functional capacity, and the design and delivery of programmes to improve physical wellbeing and reduce disability. Following a successful academic career, he is now the Group Manager, Connected Living, Community Wellness and Lifestyle, Southern Cross Care SA & NT.

Dr Katherine Kent
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Centre for Rural Health, University of Tasmania

Katherine Kent (nee Caldwell) is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Centre for Rural Health at the University of Tasmania. Katherine has a background in nutrition and public health and is interested in the field of nutrition, cognition and ageing. Specifically, Katherine is involved in research that investigates the impact of fruit flavonoids on cognitive and physical outcomes, especially in older adults with dementia. Katherine is also interested in evaluating and improving current methods that estimate dietary flavonoid intake.

Emily Millane
Research Fellow, Tax and Transfer Policy Institute, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University

Emily Millane is a Research Fellow at the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute (TTPI) of the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy. She studied arts and law at the University of Melbourne and is currently a PhD candidate at the Crawford School. She has previously worked as a lawyer, a research fellow at the Per Capita think tank and as a policy advisor. Emily’s research looks at the politics of tax reform in Australia, particularly in the area of superannuation.

Introduction (Co-Convenor) - Rachel Ambagtsheer
Research Fellow, Torrens University Australia, Committee Member, AAG

Summation (Co-Convenor) - Dr Matthew Carroll
Senior Research Fellow, Monash Rural Health, National Convenor, Emerging Researchers in Ageing

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