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25 Jul 14

Research Workshop: Research with Older People - Problems and Pitfalls

There is a general belief that research on older people is easy, and that it is rarely undertaken because of disinterest. Although the allocation of resources to ageing research in Australia has been meagre, research on older people is also more complicated than research on the young and middle aged. Loss of physiological reserve in multiple systems, the interaction between diseases and treatments, and decline in function and special senses all provide challenges.

There is a mistaken belief that older people should be ‘shielded’ from research which does not allow older people to choose for themselves. Some examples of these issues will be provided and workshop participants are encouraged to present their own experiences.

Hear from Leading Expert

AAG Inaugural National Travelling Fellow: Professor Leon Flicker
Professor of Geriatric Medicine, Director, Western Australian Centre for Health & Ageing; Centre for Medical Research, University of Western Australia

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Event Date & Time: Friday, 25 July 2014, 10:00am - 11:00am

Event Location: UTAS Medical Sciences Precinct, 17 Liverpool St, Hobart, TAS
Room 225,
Level 2, Building MS1

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