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Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons during and after the COVID-19 pandemic'

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Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic has posed significant human rights challenges for older persons. In this webinar we present insights from the International Longevity Centre Global Alliance (ILC-GA) Report ‘Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons: Challenges to the human rights of older people during and after Covid-19’.

The webinar will feature key highlights from the report on the impacts of the pandemic as well as policy and practical responses across the ILC-GAs 16 member countries.

Representatives from a selection of these ILC centres will join Prof. Julie Byles, ILC-GA co-President and Head of ILC-Australia for a Q&A style Panel Discussion to look at the country specific challenges Covid-19 has posed to the human rights of older people and importantly, how we move from Covid-19 to the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing.

Participants will::

  • Hear insights from the ILC Global Alliance Covid-19 Report: ‘Protecting the Human Rights of Older Persons’
  • Learn how advocates have worked to protect older people, not just from infection but also from the other impacts of the pandemic.…
  • Understand how older persons rights are vulnerable, but older people are resilient

Hear from Leading Experts:

  • Prof. Julie Byles, ILC Global Alliance (co-President) | ILC Australia (Head) | Global Innovation Chair in Responsive Transitions in Health and Ageing, The University of Newcastle, Australia
  • Susana Harding, ILC Singapore (Senior Director)
  • Dr Rosy Pereyra, ILC Dominican Republic (President) | Vice President of The International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA)
  • Prof. Daisuke Watanabe, ILC Japan | Faculty of Humanities, Seikei University
  • Susan McGrath, ILC Australia | EveryAGE Counts
  • Miriam Verhage, Leyden Academy, The Netherlands

About our participants (we are still gathering some of this information and this page will be updated accordingly)

Prof. Julie Byles (Australia) is Global Innovation Chair in Responsive Transitions in Health and Ageing and Director of the Centre for Women’s Health Research at the University of Newcastle. Professor Byles is also a Director of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health, co-President of the International Longevity Centre (ILC) Global Alliance, Head of ILC Australia and Chair of the IAGG (Asia Oceania) Social Research and Planning sub-committee. Her research interests in ageing include the role of health services, preventive activities, and treatments in maintaining quality of life for older people.

Susana Harding (Singapore) is Senior Director International Longevity Centre (ILC) Singapore and a member of the ILC Global Alliance. She specialises in gender (older women's issues), social policy advocacy, programme and community development, networking, partnership building, and creating platforms for older people's engagement.

Susan McGrath (Australia) is the Senior Policy Advisor to the Older Australians Campaign at The Benevolent Society and to the coalition-based campaign to challenge ageism, EveryAGE Counts.
She has worked across a broad range of policy areas affecting older Australians as an advocate and policy analyst, and has represented the interests of older people on a number of government, not-for-profit, academic and private sector committees.
Sue was previously National Policy Manager at COTA Australia and was the AAG’s 2020 Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow, addressing the topic of Future Proofing Human Rights.

Dr Rosy Pereyra (Dominican Republic) is a geriatrician that has worked for many years in the social, political and economical aspects of aging, having received multiple awards for her defense of the Human Rights of Older People and her advocacy work on empowerment of the aging population.
She is the President of ILC-DR and Vicepresident of INPEA. Dr Pereyra was also the creator of the Code of Rights for the Older Dominican and in September last year was appointed as the Director of the Health Department in the Ministry of Industry and Commerce

Professor Daisuke Watanabe (Japan) is a Professor in the Faculty of Humanities at Seikei University, Tokyo, where he has been since 2021 and is a visiting researcher of the International Longevity Centre – Japan. He is a sociologist of ageing who focuses on social participation and work-life-balance in later life under dynamic demographic change. His new article is “Understanding diversity in later life and a new culture of aging: Sociology of aging in Japan” International Sociology, 2021. He studied at Keio University and completed his PhD in Media and Governance at Keio University, 2009.

Miriam Verhage (MSc) (Netherlands) is a socio-cultural anthropologist working as a researcher and PhD candidate at the Leyden Academy on Vitality and Ageing. Miriam is involved in various (research) projects with a focus on wellbeing, connectedness and the social inclusion of older people with a lower SES. In addition, during the last two years Miriam has worked on several projects related to the experience of older individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic and the representation of older people in national newspaper articles during this crisis.

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