Pre Oct 2014

18 Apr 13

Older people: Citizenship and participation

Are older people valued as citizens in contemporary society?

Facilitated by Professor Jeni Warburton, this webinar will start with a critique of societal approaches to older people and will highlight challenges to participation despite major policy changes and reforms over recent decades and despite demographic ageing, longevity and improved health outcomes for people as they age.

Dr Eva Cox will highlight some of these key challenges, suggesting that it is our modern culture that acts to exclude older people from full participation as citizens. She will discuss the challenges associated with retirement as a concept, and the lack of recognition of the ways that older people are able to contribute to society. Despite change, age discrimination and ageism remain critical barriers to older people’s involvement.

Ian Yates will respond to this key contemporary problem from a policy and organisational approach. He will explore what changes have occurred and why they have not gone far enough. He will begin to address the major challenge of what else needs to be done if the life experience and contributions of older people are to be finally recognised and valued, and how significant change is to be achieved.

Joining us for this thought provoking discussion you will have the opportunity to:

  • Examine barriers that stand in the way of older people’s participation
  • Consider new constructs and practices based on new paradigms that support participation
  • Evaluate research that respond to these challenges

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Event Date & Time: 18 Apr 13 at 1:00 PM

Event Location: WEBINAR

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