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22 May 17

Intergenerational War and Peace

2017 Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow - Dr Ben Spies Butcher

We are often told there is an emerging generational conflict. Older Australians enjoyed stable jobs, rising wages and access to home ownership. Younger generations now face precarious work and very expensive housing. These concerns echo an older set of arguments about the costs of population ageing, which are predicted to leave future generations with a rising tax burden to fund the care and pensions of their elders. This talk looks at each of these trends – in work, housing and welfare – to better understand the trends that are emerging. Rather than pitting generations against each other, it argues that changing policy settings are creating larger inequalities within each younger generation – leaving most younger people worse off, but also leaving a minority of younger people much better off. The same trends potentially create new losers among older generations. Ironically, policies associated with promoting generational equity have often driven these new inequalities.

Participants will:

  • Consider the challenges and concerns of older and younger generations
  • Explore the current rhetoric and media
  • Be inspired (and provoked) by proposed actions
  • Dream about the long term future of the NT

Hear from the Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow 2017

Dr Ben Spies Butcher

Ben Spies-Butcher is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the Masters of Policy and Applied Social Research at Macquarie University whose work focuses on the political economy of social policy. Ben is a Research Associate at the Retirement Policy and Research Centre at the University of Auckland, a member of the Policy Advisory Group for COTA NSW and a Board member of Shelter NSW. Ben is a regular contributor to The Conversation and is a Social Policy Whisperer for Power to Persuade.

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Event Date & Time: Monday, 22 May 2017, 4pm - 5 pm

Event Location: Centre for Remote Health, NT
5 Skinner Street
Alice Springs

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