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24 Mar 20

Dignity of Risk - The right of older people to chose

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The right of older people to choose the types of their support as they age is a fundamental human right, however, often the rights of older people to choose are restricted because of concerns about risk by friends, families, and allies and aged care services.

This webinar will explore the tensions between consumer choice and dignity of risk through different lenses from a legal perspective, a person living with dementia, an aged care provider and from a research and human rights advocacy perspective.

Hear from our experts:

Associate Professor Nola Ries
Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney

Nola has expertise in health law and policy, with a particular focus on: law, ageing and health; legal aspects of health system reform; governance of health research; regulation of health practitioners; public health law; and health technology regulation. A cross-disciplinary researcher, Nola applies empirical methods to investigate intersecting health and legal problems. Her research is reform-oriented and aims to build an evidence base to inform better law, policy and practice. She has a keen interest in interprofessional collaboration, including health-justice partnerships, to improve access to justice and health outcomes through integrated service provision. Nola is also one of the 2019 AAG Research Trust, Strategic Research Grant Recipients.

Nola will discuss dignity of risk in the context of the legal duty of care (eg, owed by a service provider to an older person).

Theresa Flavin
Activist, individual living with Dementia

Theresa was diagnosed with younger onset dementia seven years ago at the age of 45. Theresa has five children, the youngest of whom is now 14 years. Theresa is employed as a ‘Lived experience’ associate consultant with HammondCare’s Dementia Centre and provides input into various projects and their everyday work principles, ensuring the voice of people living with dementia is valued and heard. Theresa contributed to the Cognitive Decline Partnership Centre ‘Supported decision-making in dementia’ project, run by Dr Craig Sinclair, University of Western Australia.

Supported decision-making can empower people and it should be negotiated between the person, the staff and the people’s support person. People need support with choices and entitlement to choices as opposed to substituted decision making, supported decision making should be negotiated on a case by case scenario.

This will be explored through three different scenarios when decisions are taken away and forces people into substitute decision making when someone makes all the decisions for the person, and substitute decision making happening on a moment by moment process.

Carrie Hayter
Principal, Carrie Hayter Consulting

Carrie is a passionate advocate for the rights of people who use social care services. With over 27 years’ experience working in social care. She is the Managing Director of Carrie Hayter Consulting who has worked with over 500 aged care and disability services across Australia, in transforming how they work alongside older people, people with disability and their allies to create connected communities. She also works as a casual academic teaching in Social Work and Social Policy at the Australian College of Psychology in Sydney. Carrie has a Bachelor of Social Work (Honours) from the University of NSW, Sydney, a Masters of Economics (Honours) from the University of Sydney and is a graduate of the Sydney Leadership Program. An active member of the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) since 2006, Carrie is the immediate past Vice Chair of the NSW AAG Division and in 2017 became a Distinguished Member of the AAG.

Consumer choice, engagement and dignity is a key principle of the Aged Care Standards. Older people have the right to choose how they are supported, by whom and in the setting of their choice. However, sometimes there is a significant gap between the expressed human rights of older people and what happens in practice, particularly when people engage with the aged care system. In this presentation,Carrie will explore the competing tensions between human rights, consumer choice and ageism.

As well as speaking Carrie has kindly agreed to facilitate the webinar

COVID-19 Update

Due to pressure of work as a result of COVID-19 two of our original speakers, Cherylee Trealoar and Jade Cronan Thomson
(both from Footprints Brisbane) have been forced to withdraw.

The webinar will still take place as originally scheduled but unfortunately they are no longer able to participate.

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