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17 Mar 15

Dementia Care – Strategies for a Complex Illness

Dementia is a complex illness; it has many causes and can affect all types of personalities. The gradual but relentless deterioration of cognition results in a range of symptoms and individual challenges. Caregivers often struggle to understand and cope with the changes they witness when people with dementia begin to behave irrationally and inappropriately.

A struggling, stressed caregiver (both formal and informal) and a confused, distressed person living with dementia is not a successful combination!

The International Psychogeriatric Association (1999) coined the term Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) to best encapsulate the irrational and inappropriate reactions people with dementia. Symptoms can includ depression, psychosis and agitation.

In this webinar Samantha and Patrick will present a case study to provide examples and illustrate the benefits of non-pharmacological and pharmacological strategies for BPSD. They will discuss how they can be used independently or in combination to improve the quality of life for both carergiver and the person with dementia.

In this webinar, participants will

  • understand the cause of behavioural or psychological changes
  • how to use non-pharmacological and pharmacological strategies
  • feel more comfortable providing advice to families and caregivers of people living with dementia

Hear from Leading Experts

Facilitated by: Hazel Bucher
Nurse Practitioner Psychogeriatrics, Research Associate
Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre, University of Tasmania

Hazel has been in a Nurse Practitioner Psychogeriatrics role within the integrated team of Older Persons Mental Health Service Southern Tasmania and Dementia Behavioural Management and Advisory Service since Nov 2010. She helped develop and provided clinical services for the innovative Nurse-Led Memory Clinic Project and the Nurse Practitioners Aged Care in Tasmania project - IMNPACT. Hazel has been a tutor with the Tasmanian University School of Nursing and Midwifery since 2009 and is currently a tutor for the Bachelor in Dementia Care with the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre.

Dr Samantha Loi
Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne
Psychiatrist, St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Dr Samantha Loi is an old age psychiatrist and neuropsychiatrist, working in both the public and private sectors. She also travels to Mildura to see older patients. As well as clinical work, she is pursuing her PhD in the topic of depression in older carers, as well as researching how technology can improve the quality of life in older adults.

Patrick O’Brien
Neuropsychiatrist, St. Vincent's Hospital Melbourne

Patrick O'Brien is a neuropsychiatrist at St Vincent's Hospital. He also works in the Cognitive Dementia and Memory Service at St Vincent's and as an old age psychiatrist for DBMAS. He has been completing a PhD in absence epilepsy now for a very long time.

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Event Date & Time: Tuesday, 17 March 2015, 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Registrations Open: 6th Mar 15 12:00 AM

Registrations Close: 20th Mar 15 11:59 PM

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