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02 Aug 13

Canberra Centenarians: Statistics, Science and Stories of Living to 100 in the National Capital

The Forum is the AAG ACT Division’s contribution to Canberra’s Centenary. It addresses the aims of Canberra 100 by:

  • Instilling pride in the achievements of Canberra researchers and others who have contributed to our understanding of ageing.
  • Engaging with the community by bringing together members of the research and scientific community, the health and aged care community, Canberra seniors’ organisations and individual seniors, and residents of all ages.
  • Recognising Canberra’s most long lived citizens and their contributions to Canberra over their long lives.
  • Showing how the character of Canberra is changing from a younger to an older community.
  • Contributing to Canberra’s legacy as a high profile, scientific event, that will be recorded through the Australian Association of Gerontology.
  • Raising awareness of our future as older members of the community and how we can age well, achieving the best possible physical and mental health as we age.

Spread across three broad sections, this forum will address the Statistics on Centenarians: a view of growth of the very old population of Canberra and Australia over the last 100 years, and projections of the centenarian population. It will also cover the Science of living to 100: two leading researchers will report research on what makes for healthy brains and healthy bodies in very old age, with a third presentation on advanced old age as a field for research. In conclusion, this forum will cover stories of Living to 100: an account of registering Australian centenarians on the International Longevity Database, followed by several very long-lived Canberra residents talking about their long lives, and a panel will tackle the question “How long will we live?”

By attending this forum, you will have the opportunity to;

  • Engage with members of Canberra’s research community, health and aged care providers, and seniors’ organisations.
  • Learn about and understand how the character of Canberra is changing from a younger to an older community and how some of Canberra’s most long-lived citizens have participated in these changes over their long lives.
  • Increase awareness of our future as older members of the community and how we can age well.

To download a summary of the presentations please click below:

Summary of Forum

Mr Bjorn Jarvis
Director of Demography, Australian Bureau of Statistics

Assoc Professor Heather Booth
Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute, Australian National University

Prof Perminder Sachdev
Scientia Professor of Neuropsychiatry, University of New South Wales

Prof Julie Byles,
President, Australian Association of Gerontology, Centre for Gender and Ageing, University of Newcastle

Dr John McCormack
School of Health Sciences, La Trobe University

This forum is generously supported by the Australian National University Menzies Centre for Health Policy and the Centre for Excellence in Population Research (CEPAR)

Event Details

Event Date & Time:

Event Date & Time: Friday, 2nd August 2013, 9:00am

Event Location: Barton Theatre, Crawford School of Public Policy, Lennox Crossing, ANU, ACT

Registrations Open: 31st Mar 13 12:00 AM

Registrations Close: 2nd Aug 13 11:59 PM

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