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23 Jul 14

Inaugural David Simmons Address: Assessment of People with Dementia

Australia is facing a dementia epidemic because of the increasing number of older people. In particular, there has been a rapid increase in the number of very old people, those over the age of 85 years. Unfortunately on a national basis there has been no consensus on how people with dementia, and their carers, should access assessment services.

Although frequent complaints are made regarding the delay to diagnosis, it is not clear how this can be best corrected. The use of new technological methods of diagnosis has been advocated, but at this stage, with surprisingly little evidence. Current evidence suggests that the timely assessment of people for suspected dementia is best achieved using a shared care model, with specialist dementia services working closely with the patient’s general practitioner.

By attending this presentation, delegates will gain expert insight into how these challenges may be optimally addressed by key stakeholders.

Hear from Leading Expert

AAG Inaugural National Travelling Fellow: Professor Leon Flicker
Professor of Geriatric Medicine, Director, Western Australian Centre for Health & Ageing; Centre for Medical Research, University of Western Australia

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Event Date & Time: Wednesday, 23 July 2014, 4:30pm - 6:30pm

Event Location: NARI, 34 - 54 Poplar Rd, Parkville, VIC
Seminar Room
National Ageing Research Institute Ltd.
(Enter via Gate 4)

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