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23 Aug 17

ACT Event - Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow - Dr Ben Spies Butcher - Taking care seriously: can population ageing help re-balance our economy?

2017 Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow - Dr Ben Spies Butcher

Dr Ben Spies-Butcher is a Senior Lecturer and Director of the Masters of Policy and Applied Social Research in the Sociology Department at Macquarie University. He has a PhD in Economics from the University of Sydney and his work focuses on the political economy of social policy. Ben is a Research Associate at the Retirement Policy and Research Centre at the University of Auckland, a member of the Policy Advisory Group for COTA NSW and a Board member of Shelter NSW. In addition to his academic publications, Ben is a regular contributor to The Conversation and is a Social Policy Whisperer for Power to Persuade. His most recent co-authored book is Market Society published with Cambridge University Press.

Topic: Taking care seriously, can population ageing help re-balance our economy?

Health and care services are now the largest and fastest growing employment sector. The rise of the care economy is closely linked to population ageing, although it is also driven by broader changes in productivity and levels of affluence. How we organise care is fast becoming central to our economic future. Many discussions of growth in health and aged care frame the debate around costs to government, tax payers and consumers. However, the rise of a care economy is also a source of employment, income and potentially regional development. To the extent that care provision maps onto need it has the potential to counter rising inequality and concentration of employment and population in Sydney and Melbourne. This talk will focus on the economic opportunities of a care economy, and ask how can we enjoy a triple dividend of good care, good jobs and a balanced economy.

Dr Spies Butcher’s talk will be followed by brief responses from two experts from the aged care field, and a 30 minute Q&A will give everyone an opportunity to contribute to the meeting.

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Parking: Car parks are in Mills Road and at corner of Mills Rd and Eggleston Rd. Parking is free after 5.00 pm; please do not park in reserved or disabled spaces without a permit.

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Event Date & Time: Wednesday, 23 August 2017, 05:30pm - 07:00pm

Event Location: Bob Douglas Theatre, Eggleston Rd, ANU (on left after turning from Mills Rd), ACT

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