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20 Sep 21

A special conversation on Living Well with Dementia: Holding People in Life

Join this (30 mins) conversation about living well with dementia as Nancy Russo talks to Gaynor Macdonald and Jane Mears about the vision behind Dementia Reframed. Dementia Reframed was set up in 2015 to reframe attitudes to dementia and to care. The publication of Dementia as Social Experience (Routledge 2019) became an early outcome and they have since established a NFP so as to reach out to more people impacted by dementia to enhance the knowledge and communication skills required to live well. Dementia Reframed’s core team have lived experience of dementia care. They know what is needed and what needs to change to hold people living with dementia in a quality life.

September is Dementia Awareness Month and from 20-26 September 2021 it is Dementia Action Week, with 21st of September - World Alzheimer's Day.

AAG are delighted to highlight the work of Dementia Reframed in Dementia Action Week 2021, particularly as Assoc.Prof Jane Mears is a long-time member of AAG. Nancy Russo engages Jane and Dr Gaynor Macdonald to draw out their visions for changing attitudes surrounding dementia and enhancing care and support.

Their message for Dementia Action Week: Dementia is a disease NOT a death sentence! There are wonderful strategies available to help all those impacted - we just need to learn about them and use them. We are not afraid of dementia! We know that when we get dementia support ‘right’, we will have changed our world for the better and for us all. Dementia is our challenge to change and our inspiration.

Nancy Russo - Member, Dementia Reframed

Serendipity has always dropped into my world, from the moment I walked into my husband Michael Cumming’s life at the then Beechworth Youth Hostel with love at first sight, to the chance meeting with Gaynor Macdonald and Jane Mears at a forum at Sydney University about a month after his passing. I am forever grateful that my School Principal at Magdalene Catholic College at Narellan released me for the day. When I heard these ladies speak about reframing our worldview on Dementia, I knew I had come home. I, too, had fought for my husband's dignity and a good life lived out until the end. Ours is a story of love and supported relationships.

A/Prof Jane Mears - Chair, Dementia Reframed,
Social Policy of Ageing, Care work, older women and elder abuse

My lifelong passion has been my research, teaching and activism and all that experience and energy informs the work we are doing in Dementia Reframed. I have over 40 year’s experience working on community based, initiated, collaborative, participatory action research projects. All the issues I have worked on, at local, national and international levels - aged care, mental health, informal carers, care workers, violence against older women, expereinces of casual workers - are all relevant in the dementia space. Gaynor and I have brought together our friendship and our extraordinary range of skills into changing the world for people impacted by dementia.

Dr Gaynor Macdonald - CEO, Dementia Reframed,
Social Anththopologist, Dementia Care Trainer and Consultant

When Charlie was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s I wanted people to stop telling me that we were living the ‘tragedy’, that I was ‘losing’ him, that he would end up in what Christine Bryden called the dementia prison of residential ‘care’. I wanted practical understandings not generic advice. I learnt most from other carers - hearing their good and not so good stories helped me enormously. And I learnt to fight off the stigma and negativity. Most excitingly, I joined with Jane in starting Dementia Reframed, while Charlie and I continued doing things he had dreamed of – like climbing Hadrian’s Wall! I learn to treasure, deal with its new challenges, and live in the moment not the memories.

About www.dementia-reframed.com.au

Dementia Reframed:

~ conduct research, publish, present at conferences, write submissions and take every opportunity to tell people that it is possible to live well with dementia www.dementiacarers-aust.com.au

~ run a website for carers, designed by carers www.charliesplace.com.au. At ‘Charlie’s Place’ they run workshops and drop-in days (face to face and online, come to them or they come to you), and phone/zoom chats for carers

~ incorporate the best of care programs, Positive Approach to Care® developed by Teepa Snow. They are relationally-focussed, positive, creative and practical. Dementia- Reframed support people at home, work with whole families, and train home care or residential teams, and will help transform your community.

Registration to access this conversation is free.

Event Date & Time: 20 to 26 September 2021

Event Location: Online, NATIONAL

Registrations Open: 7th Aug 20 12:00 AM

Registrations Close: 31st Dec 21 11:59 PM

This event was specifically for Dementia Action Week 2021 but due to the generosity of Dementia Reframed we will be able to keep this open until the end of the year.

Please proceed with the registration process to access the recording.

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